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---  NEWS  --- MARCH 2001 ---  NEWS  ---

28 March 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
Clony 1.07E [GERMAN]
DAEMON Tools 2.60
Feurio! 1.60.3
Fireburner 2.01 Beta 1
Nero DVD Speed 0.5
Traction CD Menu Creator 1.06
DAEMON Tools Update
Added DAEMON Tools v2.60 from VeNoM386 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

DAEMON Tools Updates:

  • New setup engine (based on MS Installer)
  • Improved driver installation in Windows 9x (without starting Hardware Wizard)
  • Left-click on tray icon directly opens 'mount menu'
  • Installation directory now user-selectable
  • Tray icons now user-selectable
  • Securom emulation enhanced
  • Support for Windows XP
  • PHANTOM device removal in Windows 2000/XP enhanced (Windows warning is skipped now)
  • 'Digital signature not found' message during Windows 2000/XP setup is skipped now
  • Workaround for WinOnCD CDROM emulator bug in WinNT/2000/XP (system crash) included
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Oak Technology Unveils World's Fastest CD-RW Controller With ExacLink
    Oak announced its latest CD-R/RW controller, which records at 20 times the speed of the original single-speed CD specification, enabling drives based on it to record a full 650 Megabyte compact disc in less four minutes. Yamaha & LG Electronics are the first  using this controller...
  • SunnComm Goes to Market with the World's First "Cloaked CD"
    SunnComm announced that Fahrenheit Entertainment has accepted the first audio CD in the world to contain the SunnComm MediaCloQTM content security feature. MediaCloQTM, designed specifically for audio CDs, was given the given the "green light" to continue to its next step in the distribution process of Charley Pride's "Tribute to Jim Reeves" compact audio disc which, according Fahrenheit, is due at retailers in early April...
  • TDK shows CyClone 24x10x40 Burner at CeBIT
    TDK presented their latest high-speed "CyClone 24/10/40" burner at CeBIT which features maximum reading speed for CD media is 40X and for CD-R media 24X and CD-RW media up to 10X. It also incorporates the new BURN-Proof 2 standard...
  • TDK & Calimetrics show MultiLevel Recording at CeBIT
    TDK and Calimetrics demonstrate the benefits of ML technology, which transforms familiar CD-RW drives into super high capacity/super fast drives with the addition of a single ML IC, at this years CeBIT. The MultiLevel (ML) technology is able to store 2 GB of data on a 120mm disc or 650 MB on a tiny 80mm ML disc...
  • Teac State-of-the-art 16x/10x/40x Drive with ATAPI/IDE Interface
    TEAC has jacked up the velocity a bit with the new CD-W516E and is presenting a new high-speed CD writer at CeBIT. The burn performance of 16x write (2.4 MB/s) or 10x rewrite (1.5 MB/s) are quite presentable. The data buffer of 2 MB and the integrated "Write Proof" technology as standard make the new CD-W516E indispensable for all PC users who attach importance not only to high velocities but also to first-class burn results...
  • MMore International BV & Bayer AG Cobranding co-operation
    MMore & Bayer AG have announced a cobranding cooperation at CeBIT 2001. They plan on creating 24x multi-speed CD-Recordable media!
  • Iomega to Provide Storage for Rio MP3 Players
    Iomega said on Tuesday its matchbook-sized discs will be incorporated into the popular Rio portable audio devices, setting the stage for dramatically cheaper MP3 players...
  • MP3: Can't Touch This
    If technology enables piracy, can technology guard against it? (The answer is no, but play along.) Two stories in the weekend press looked at efforts to build into the software or hardware of PCs ways to prevent users from ripping and passing along copyrighted music...

20 March 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
InCD 2.09
RSJ CD-Writer [WinNT] 2.04
BlindRead/BlindWrite Suite Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added BlindRead v3.0.1.4 & BlindWrite to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

BlindRead Updates:

  • Subcode extraction with Plextor drives is more accurate
  • No sub resynchronization is done - it was an elementary subcode correction, but our tests has showed that this elementary subcode correction might cause problems.
  • Autorun notification temporarily disabled on all CD units while BR is running.

BlindWrite Updates:

  • Autorun notification temporarily disabled on all CD units while BR is running.
  • Windows 95 compatibility regained (tested under Windows 95 OSR 2, on P1/225 MHz & 32MB)
Yamaha CRW2200E CD-ReWriter
Yamaha will present their new Yamaha CRW2200 CD-ReWriter at Cebit 2001. This drive supports writing at 20x speed and incorporates SafeBurn buffer underrun protection technology!

The Yamaha CRW2200 series will feature 5 models: CRW2200E (internal ATAPI), CRW2200S (internal SCSI-3), CRW2200SX (external SCSI-3), CRW2100IX (external IEEE1394), and CRW2200UX (external USB2.0). The CRW2200E will become available worldwide during Q2 2001 and the release of other models will follow.

Full press-release: Yamaha Combines Speed and Stability in New CD-R/RW drives
Thanks Nicolas de Saint Remy from Yamaha for the info!

Yamaha CRW2200 Specifications:
  • 20x Write, 10x ReWrite (CLV/CAV)  & 40x Read (CAV)
  • 8 MB Memory Buffer
  • E-IDE/ATAPI Interface
  • SafeBurn - buffer underrun protection technology 

Yamaha CRW2200
[Click to Enlarge]

16 March 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
Audiograbber 1.80b3
CDR Identifier 1.63
Clony 1.07D
DeCSSplus 1.0
DirectCD 3.03b
DVD Genie 3.86
EasyCD Creator 4.03b
Feurio! 1.60.2
FlaskMpeg 0.60 Preview
InCD 2.08
SubRip 0.94b
Virtual CD [HotFix] 3.0.8
Panasonic KXL-CB10AN Portable DVD-ROM/CD-ReWriter
Panasonic has released details of their new Panasonic KXL-CB10AN Portable DVD-ROM / CD-ReWriter which can also read DVD-RAM media! It will be available in Japan by the end of this month for about US$410.
Panasonic KXL-CB10AN Specifications:
  • 8x Write, 4x ReWrite & 24x Read (CD) & 8x Read (DVD)
  • 2MB Memory Buffer
  • PCMCIA (ATAPI) Interface
  • Average Seek: 150ms
  • Dimensions: 130x157x18.5 mm
  • Weight: 340g

Panasonic KXL-CB10AN
Sony unveils double-density CD-RWs
Sony Core Technology & Network Company Europe (CNCE) have announced the introduction of the Double Density CD-R/RW products with 1.3GB capacity, which is double the capacity of conventional CD-R/RW media. The World's first Double Density CD-R/RW drive, the Sony CRX200E-RP, as well as the corresponding high speed CD-Recordable Sony CDQ-13G1 (12x write speed) and CD-ReWritable Sony CD-RW13G1 (8x write speed) media, offer state of the art optical recording technology and maintain the same features that have made conventional CD-Rs and CD-RWs so popular in the past. The target market of CRX-200E-RP is 5% of high-end CD-R/RW after market, which is estimated approximately 17 million units world wide at the initial stage...
Sony CD-RW13G1 Media
[Click to Enlarge]

6 March 2001
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CD Mage 1.01.5
CDEverywhere 2.0 [01-03-00]
Apple Disc Burner 1.0.1
Nero Burning Rom
Nero Drive Speed 1.01
Clony 1.07C
Feurio! 1.60.1
Music Net-Burner 4.50
Data Net-Burner 4.50
MP3 Net-Burner 4.50
PlexTools 1.08D
WinOnCD [Power Edition] 3.8.658
Sony CRX200E-RP DDCD CD-ReWriter
Sony will present their new Sony CRX200E-RP CD-ReWriter at Cebit. This drive will support the new Double Density CD (DDCD) standard which doubles the capacity of a Recordable/ReWritable media from 650MB to 1.3 GB! This 1.3GB capacity is achieved by reducing the space between the tracks (the spiral) as well as reducing the pit-length. Because of this an improved error-correction system will be implemented.

For now it is not known if this drive will implement a buffer-underrun system, like BURN-Proof, but it is possible that none will be used because the size of the buffer memory size is big!

The drive will be available in April/May 2001.

SONY CRX200E-RP Specifications:
  • 12x Write, 8x ReWrite & 32x Read
  • 8 MB Memory Buffer
  • E-IDE/ATAPI Interface (16.7 MB/s PIO Mode 4, DMA Mode 2)
  • Supports normal & DDCD recordable media 
TDK 20x CD-Writer & 2GB CD Recordable Media @ 36x speed!
PC Welt reports that TDK has announced that it will display a 20x speed CD-Writer next to it's new 16x speed CD-Writers at Cebit 2001. This would get you a CD-R under 3 minutes! 

TDK will also showcase their 2GB CD-Recordable which is achieved using Multi-Layer Technology. This media will support 36x speed burning!
HP 9710i CD-ReWriter & HP 9900CI DVD/CD-ReWriter Combo
HP will be showcasing their HP 9710i CD-ReWriter, which can write at 16x speed & HP 9900CI DVD/CD-ReWriter Combo at Cebit 2001.
HP 9710i Specifications:
  • 16x Write, 10x ReWrite & 40x Read
  • E-IDE/ATAPI Interface
  • 8MB Memory Buffer
  • Estimated Price: US$ 280 
HP 9900CI Specifications:
  • 12x Write, 10x ReWrite, 32x/8x Read (CD/DVD)
  • E-IDE/ATAPI Interface
  • Estimated Price: US$ 350 
Both drives include this software: HP MyCD, Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.02, Adaptec DirectCD, HP simple Backup, ArcSoft photo center, ACID Music Creator, Music match Jukebox, HP CD-Labeler
(& PowerDVD for the combo)
Acer CRW1208A CD-ReWriter featuring Seamless Link
Ace has released their new Acer CRW1208A CD-ReWriter which features Seamless Link, an alternative buffer-underrun prevention system similar to Sanyo's BURN-Proof.
Acer CRW1208A Specifications:
  • 12x Write, 8x ReWrite & 32x Read
  • E-IDE/ATAPI Interface 
  • 2MB Memory Buffer (with Seamless Link), 4MB (without)
  • Flashrom upgradable
Plextor PX-S88T CRW1208A CD-ReWriter
Plextor Japan has announced the Plextor PX-S88T CD-ReWriter which can be used in notebooks. The drive features BURN-Proof technology.
Plextor PX-S88T Specifications:
  • 8x Write, 8x ReWrite & 24x Read (CAV)
  • E-IDE/ATAPI Interface (PIO Mode-4)
  • 2MB Memory Buffer
  • Dimensions: 128 x 12.7 x 126.1 mm (wxhxd)

Plextor PX-S88T

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