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  • Alpha-ROM
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  • Alpha-DVD
  • CD/DVD Protections Overview
  • Alpha-ROM
    Company : Settec
    Protection : Alpha-ROM
    How to Detect : Use Protection ID
    Backup Solution : Unknown as of yet!
    Protected CDs : Unknown as of yet!
    Protection Info
    Alpha-ROM is a robust and versatile copy protection technology that protects regular data file contents and diverse multimedia contents such as games, movies and office software produced in the format of optical discs (CD/DVD-ROM). Its core technology lies in two different aspects: hardware and software. The hardware aspect signifies the "digital signature" of Alpha-DISC imbedded between the physical layers of CD, which is used to authorize the originality of the CD. This digital signature cannot be reproduced in any methods, even with the most advanced copying tools supporting RAW mode burning. The recreation of original disc through ˇ°sector-by-sectorˇ± copying is also impossible. Without authorization process of original digital signature, users are unable to have access to the contents in the CD-ROMs.
    Company : Settec
    Protection : Alpha-Audio
    Versions : Alpha-Audio S-Type
    Alpha-Audio M-Type
    Alpha-Audio D-Type
    How to Detect : Unknown as of yet!
    Backup Solution : Unknown as of yet!
    Information : CD-Audio CD Copy Protection
    Press Releases : BMG, a Major Music Label, Adopted Alpha-Audio Technology
    Settec introduces a new, updated Alpha-Audio copy protection
    Protected CDs : Unknown as of yet!
    Protection Info
    Settec's Alpha-Audio technology is committed to discourage illegal copying activities. So-called 'ripping' of audio tracks (the activity which turns original audio tracks into compressed audio files like MP3 files) and 'cloning' (copying original CD into a CD-R) are prevented when attempted on Audio CDs with Alpha-Audio technology. Alpha-DISC's Multi-Layered Encryption and Digital Signature technology is applied to the original music tracks and the CD Audios to deter commonly used ripping/cloning software from ripping and copying the original audio contents. Alpha-DISC Digital Signature in audio CDs will self-authenticate whether or not the discs is original (if not original, it will fail to play) and Multi-Layered Encryption technology prevents copying of original CDs into CD record-able.

    Alpha-Audio technology offers three type of protection system:

    • Alpha-Audio S-Type - Not playable on a PC - High level copy protection
    • Alpha-Audio M-Type - Playable on a PC - Provides various additional contents (lyrics, music video, etc.)
    • Alpha-Audio D-Type - Unknown as of yet

    Alpha-Audio application takes place immediately after preparation of an Audio CD Master. Alpha-DISC Authorized Mastering & Replication companies or Alpha-DISC Resellers in your area then apply Alpha-Audio technology to make a protected Audio CD Master. This protected Audio CD Master can be verified for its sound quality and playability assurance. At last, replication takes place and packaged Audio CDs are delivered.

    Company : Settec
    Protection : Alpha-DVD
    How to Detect : Unknown as of yet!
    Backup Solution : Unknown as of yet!
    Press Releases : Sega Decided to Apply Settec's Alpha-DISC/DVD-ROM Technology to Its Products
    Protected DVDs : Unknown as of yet!
    Protection Info
    Alpha-DVD provides easy and quick implementation. Unlike previously available DVD copy protection system, no additional process is required for Alpha-DVD during authoring stages. Alpha-DVD application takes place immediately after DVD authoring process. Alpha-DISC Authorized Mastering & Replication companies or Alpha-DISC Resellers in your area applies Alpha-DVD technology to make a protected DVD master. This protected DVD master is delivered for mass replication. For customer preference, Alpha-DVD application to DLT master is also supported.

    Alpha-DVD applied DVD can be manufactured in Alpha-DISC Authorized Mastering & Replication facilities. For production support at other facilities, please contact Alpha-DISC Resellers in your area.

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