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  • ProtectDVD-Video
    Company : Protect Software GmbH
    - Formally owned by VOB, which does not exist anymore
    Protection : ProtectDVD-Video - Renamed to: ProtectDISC Video
    How to Detect :

    Use Protection ID

    Backup Solution : Use AnyDVD to remove the DVD protection in real-time!
    Protected : Silent Hill (GERMAN rental version)
    Supported OS :
    All Win32 (Win9x/ME/NT/2K/XP)
    Protection Info
    ProtectDVD-Video is a copy protection system, especially designed for DVD-Video. By combining special media structures implemented at the replicator facility with the DVD internal navigation structure, ProtectDVD makes it impossible to created 1:1 copies or complete rips of the protected DVD.

    ProtectDVD effectively protects DVDs against:
    • Duplicate the complete DVD by direct 1:1 copying - The copy program will either stop or take a very long time (multiple hours) to copy. The result will not play back in consumer and software players.
    • Duplicate the complete DVD by file based copying - The copy program will either stop or take a very long time (multiple hours) to copy. The result will not play back in consumer and software players.
    • Rip separate titles from the DVD - ProtectDVD will protect one title on the disc against ripping (typically the main movie) - trying to rip this will result in a very long ripping time (multiple hours) and distorted video.
    • Emulate the original DVD - not possible, because Ripping programs will not create a valid image.
    • Professional piracy through mass replication is much harder (* although with good equipment possible).

    From the users perspective:

    • Very fast protection detection and almost 100% compatibility - the fingerprint check is performed in virtually no time. Since the structure of the movie is 100% compatible with the DVD-Video specification almost no compatibility issues are introduced.
    • 100% transparent check - until trying to copy the user is not aware of the protection.

    Development advantages:

    • No need for any special handling since the whole process is done in the replication facility
      Pre-Production samples can be reviewed on any standard DVD device.
    • ProtectDVD-Video can be applied by almost any DVD manufacturing plant.
    Addition Protection Info
    On 10 October 2006, SlySoft released a press release: AnyDVD beats new copy protection "Protect DVD-Video"

    With the latest release of AnyDVD, version, SlySoft has again confirmed its position as the market leader in providing video DVD decryption software. With this version it is now possible to bypass the new "Protect DVD-Video" copy protection which first appeared on the DVD "Silent Hill" (german rental version).

    Among other mechanisms, Protect DVD-Video comes up with a messed-up UDF file system, in which an IFO file appears with a zero-byte length on a regular PC. The unsurprising result is that these DVDs will refuse to run on a Windows PC with Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center Edition or all software players that are based on DirectShow (e.g. the very popular ZoomPlayer).

    "With this copy protection the film industry clearly overshot the mark", says Giancarlo Bettini, CEO at SlySoft. "The premium customer who spent a lot of money on his multimedia home cinema and who, for quality reasons, would never even consider watching anything else but an original DVD, is being slapped in the face. These customers with their shelves stuffed with rightfully aquired DVDs, can't watch their videos."
    This is incredible nonsense! Any Media Center freak will have no choice but to install AnyDVD on his PC in order to watch his original DVD."
    "The film industry should actually thank us for taking care of their premium customers so well. Maybe one day I'll be nominated for an Oscar", Bettini adds with a grin.

    Background info:
    The company ProtectDisc is being run by Volkmar Breitfeld, also managing director of ACE (FluxDVD copy protection). Remarkably enough, Volkmar Breitfeld was previously known for creating copy protection circumventing products like InstantCopy or InstantCD/DVD, before he changed fronts to selling copy protection mechanisms.

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