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  • CloneCD Database
  • ClonyXXL
  • Copy-Discovery 2000
  • Copy Protection Detection
  • PC CopyBase
  • Perfect Suite
  • Protection ID
  • Scout Easyscan
  • TCCD
  • YaPS
  • CD Identifying Utilities
  • CD Inquery
  • CD-Info
  • CD/DVD Capabilities Viewer
  • CDR Identifier
  • CD-R ATIP Reader
  • CDVDInfo
  • DISCInfo
  • DVD Identifier
  • DVDInfoPro
  • Plextor CDVDInfo
  • Windows XP CD-R/RW Properties
  • CD/DVD Utilities Overview
  • CD Inquery 01-10-2001
    Chen Computer
    CD Inquery v1.0.0.3 Beta [457 KB]
    CD Protection Detective 31-10-2000
    Cool McCool
    CD Protection Detective (30-10-2000) [209 KB]
    Copy Protection Detective is a utility which is able to detect what kind of CD Protection is being used on a certain CD.

    It currently detects the following CD Protections:

    • LaserLock
    • SafeDisc
    • SecuROM
    • CD Cops
    • DiscGuard
    • BitPool
    • Overburn
    • Dummy Files
    CD Protection Detector 10-03-2000
    Mirage [UMC/ACP]
    CD Protection Detector v1.0 (05-03-2000) [281 KB]
    CD Protection Detector is a small tool which detects what kind of CD Protection is being used on your CD. It currently detects the DiscGuard, SecuROM & SafeDisc R0, R1, R2, R2+ CD Protections.
    CD Protection Scout 03-12-2000
    CD Protection Scout v2.1.0.2 (29-11-2000) [197 KB]
    CD Protection Scout v1.7.0.6 (03-11-2000) [185 KB]
    CD Protection Scout is a utility which is able to detect what kind of CD Protection is being used on a certain CD. It currently detects the SecuROM, SafeDisc, CD Cops, LaserLock, DiscGuard, Illegal TOC, Overburn, Read Errors & Dummy Files CD Protections!
    CD-Info 28-11-2003
    Drk-Soft [Site]
    CD-Info v1.21 (20-11-2003) [55 KB]
    CD-Info extract the Volume-Name, Creation Date, CD Size & more from all inserted CD-ROM's.
    CD/DVD Capabilities Viewer 19-11-2002
    Bidali Software [Site]
    CD/DVD Capabilities Viewer v1.0.003 [71 KB]
    CD/DVD Capabilities Viewer returns a complete overview of all available features of every connected CD or DVD drive.
    CDR Identifier 16-03-2001
    Frank Wolf [Site]
    CDR Identifier v1.63 (02-03-2001) [108 KB]
    CD-R Identifier is a very handy tool which is able to read the ATIP (or Pre-Groove) from any CD-R. The ATIP is used to store important characteristics of the CD-R itself (like Nominal Capacity, Disc Manufacturer & Used Dye-type).

    Keep in mind that not all CD-Writers are able to read the ATIP. Most CD-Writers from HP, Mitsumi, Philips, Plextor, Sony & Yamaha are able. The Teac CD-R55S is not!

    To see which CD-Writer supports this feature check the Vendorcode column at CD-Writer Data Base

    CD-R ATIP Reader 19-11-2002
    W510  [Site]
    CD-R ATIP Reader v0.92 (13-08-2002) [260 KB]
    CD-R ATIP Reader reads the ATIP information from CD-R/RW media and outputs it for user in raw binary data view, in fields values view and in translated view. That information can contain media manufacturer name, disc type and additional information.
    CDVDInfo 04-07-2001
    K. Jensen
    CDVDInfo v1.2.1 (27-03-2001) [265 KB]
    CDVDInfo returns hardware information from CD-Writers & DVD-ROM drives.
    CloneCD Database 16-02-2001
    MoD [Site]
    CloneCD Database v2.0.0.2 (24-12-2000) [919 KB]
    MoD's Borland Database Engine (17-12-2000) [4.2 MB]
    Needed for CloneCD Database v2.0.0.1!
    CloneCD Database v2.0.0.2 Life Update (09-02-2001)
    CloneCD Database is able to detect what kind of CD Protection is being used on your CD's and if will give you the optimum CDClone settings for making a working backup! It currently supports SafeDisc, SecuRom, DiscGuard, CD-Cops, LaserLock, Dummy Files, oversize, illegal TOC & Tracks which are shorter than 4 secs.
    ClonyXXL 29-04-2003
    BxxxxJ [Site] [Site]
    Clony XXL v2.0.1.5 [ENGLISH/GERMAN] (29-04-2003) [237 KB]
    Clony XL v0808 [GERMAN] (08-08-2001) [591 KB]
    Clony XL Final [ENGLISH (12-06-2001) [271 KB]
    Clony is a CD Protection identifier! It currently supports the following CD Protections:

    Game CD Protections:

    • SafeDisc v1 & v2 (up to v2.9)
    • SecuROM, SecuROM New & SecuROM New v4.8
    • LaserLock
    • CD-Cops
    • DiscGuard
    • ProtectCD v5
    • Tages
    • Ring Protech
    • StarForce & StarForce 3
    • PhenoProtect
    • CDProtector
    • CopyKiller
    • Dummy Files
    • Bad Sectors
    • PSX/Lybcrypt

    Audio CD Protections:

    • Key2Audio
    • Cactus Data Shield 100 & Cactus Data Shield 200
    • Illegal TOC
    Copy-Discovery 2000 04-10-2006
    Koda [Site]
    Copy-Discovery 2000 v2.06 (04-10-2006) [979 KB]
    Copy-Discovery 2000 v2.05 (01-10-2006) [981 KB]
    Copy-Discovery 2000 v2.00 (04-10-2006) [769 KB]
    Copybase Connector v1.01 (04-10-2006) [81 KB] - CD2000 Plugin
    ScanSD v1.00 (29-10-2006) [32 KB] - CD2000 Plugin
    Copy-Discovery 2000 is a CD/DVD copy protection scanner. It will scan discs, files or entire folders in order to detect the copy protection. It uses a plugin dll system to add additional functionality.
    Copy Protection Detection 04-04-2000
    Kwazy Wabbit
    Copy Protection Detection v0.6 (26-03-2000) [394 KB]
    Copy Protection Detection is a small tool which detects what kind of CD protection is being used on your CD
    DISCInfo 01-04-2008
    Hijacker [Site]
    DISCInfo v1.7.0 Beta (24-03-2008) [352 KB]
    DISCInfo v1.6.1 (11-03-2006) [271 KB]
    DISCInfo is a program to display hardware information from an IDE/SCSI device under Windows operating system by sending SCSI commands to the device and retrieves the information. The most useful thing of the program is to show useful information about a DVD-ROM devices. It can check current region status. If the drive is region free it will state No Lock Detected but if the drive has region protection (RPC-2) it will show you the correct settings, like how many changes are left and currently set region.
    DVD Identifier 01-10-2005
    Kris Schoofs [Site]
    DVD Identifier v4.4.1 (20-09-2005) [1.0 MB]
    DVD Identifier v3.2 (16-11-2003) [1.2 MB]
    DVD Plus Identifier v2.4 (01-10-2003) [514 KB]
    DVD Identifier retrieves and interprets the prerecorded information (ADIP) of DVDR, DVDRW and Blu-Ray discs. The ADIP contains a variety of parameters such as disc manufacturing information and supported write speeds.
    DVDInfoPro 30-06-2009
    Nic Wilson [Site]
    DVDInfoPro v6.123 (04-06-2009) [5.1 MB]
    DVDInfoPro v4.32 (03-10-2005) [3.8 MB]
    DVDInfoPro v2.28 (02-02-2004) [1.7 MB]
    DVDInfoPro provides information & tools for Blu-Ray, HD-DVD & DVDR/RW/DL/ROM drives.
    PC CopyBase 11-09-2001
    demon2001 & Shadowman
    PC CopyBase v1.5 (Build 66) (20-08-2001) [518 KB]
    PC CopyBase is a CloneCD frontend which gives predefined settings for making a 1:1 CD-Copy of protected Game CD's.
    Perfect Suite 08-06-2001
    Electro Dude
    Perfect Suite 2001 v0.9.3 (03-06-2001) [2.2 MB]
    Perfect Copy 2000 SRIII - Full (22-11-2000) [2.8 MB]
    Perfect Copy is a CloneCD frontend which gives predefined settings for making a 1:1 CD-Copy of protected Game CD's. Currently the database contains settings for 45 Games!
    Plextor CDVDInfo 01-10-2005
    Plextor [Site]
    Plextor CDVDInfo v1.24 (13-09-2005) [179 KB]
    CDVD Info retrieves and interprets the ADIP of DVDR and DVDRW discs.
    Protection ID 09-07-2010
    CDKiller [Site]
    Protection ID v6.4.0 (08-07-2010) [514 KB]
    Protection ID v6.2.5 (25-12-2009) [498 KB]
    Protection ID v6.2.3 (28-03-2009) [438 KB]
    Protection ID v6.1.6 (18-01-2009) [372 KB]
    Protection ID v6.1.3 (26-12-2008) [361 KB]
    Protection ID v6.0 Xmas Beta (24-12-2007) [239 KB]
    Protection ID v5.2c (12-02-2007) [108 KB]
    Protection ID v5.2b (16-11-2006) [105 KB]
    Protection ID v5.2 (01-11-2006) [104 KB]
    Protection ID v5.1f (15-09-2006) [101 KB]
    Protection ID v5.1 (04-04-2006) [109 KB]
    Protection ID v5.0 Final C (14-12-2004) [115 KB]
    Protection ID v5.0 Final B (18-03-2004) [116 KB]
    Protection ID v5.0 Final (12-03-2004) [114 KB]
    Protection ID v4.2 (11-12-2003) [145 KB]
    Protection ID v4.0 (07-10-2003) [132 KB]
    Protection ID v3.5 (07-09-2003) [46 KB]
    Protection ID v2.3 (30-04-2003) [153 KB]
    Protection ID v1.5 (07-03-2003) [9 KB]
    Protection ID v1.0 (10-02-2003) [6 KB]
    Protection Scanner is a very small utility which can identify which CD Protection is being used on certain game executables (EXE, DLL or DAT files).

    It currently detects the following CD/DVD Protections:

    • 3PLock
    • ActiveMARK
    • CDCops
    • CD Lock
    • CodeLok
    • Laserlok
    • Laserlok Marathon
    • JoWood X-Prot
    • Protect Disc
    • Ring-Protech
    • Safecast
    • Safedisc
    • SecuROM
    • Settec Alpha ROM
    • SmartE
    • Starforce
    • SVKP
    • Tags
    • VOB Protect CD
    • CD/DVD-Checks & Keys/Serials:
      • Scans for Strings like "Please insert the original CD-ROM/DVD-ROM"
      • detects possible CD-Checks API's (GetVolumeInformationA + GetDriveTypeA)

    And it detects the following encrypted/compressed files:

    ACProtect, Anti Crack Software Protector, Armadillo, ASPack, ASProtect, BJFnt, Def v1.0, EXE32 Pack, Exe Bundle, ExeProt, EXE Cryptor 2, EXE Stealth, FSG, Lamecrypt, Krypton, Neolite, NFO, Noodle Cryp, Obsidium Software, Protection, PE Bundle, PE Compact, PE Diminisher, PE Mangle, PE Lock, PE Nightmare, PE Ninja, PE Pack/Crypt, PE Shield, PEnguincrypt, Petite, PeX, PE Compact, PhrozenCrew PE Shrinker, PKLite32, Shrinker, Simple PE Crypter, Slovak Protector, Special EXE Password Protector, Softdefender, Stones PE Encrypter, TeLock, UPX, VBO Watch, VGCrypt, VGShrink, WinKrypt,WWPack 32, Xtreme Protector, Yoda Crypt

    Scout Easyscan 17-02-2003
    Hamlett2000 [Site]
    Scout Easyscan v2.0 (17-02-2003) [1.7 MB]
    Scout Easyscan v1.7 (06-01-2003) [1.8 MB]
    Scout Easyscan able to detect what kind of CD Protection is being used on your CD's!
    TCCD 04-02-2003
    Hamlett2000 [Site]
    TCCD v3.0 [GERMAN] (27-12-2003) [658 KB]
    Borland Database Engine (Needed to use TCCD!)
    TCCD is a CloneCD frontend which has over 3000 predefined settings for making a 1:1 CD-Copy of PC/PSX Game CD's & Audio CD's!
    Windows XP CD-R/RW Properties 19-11-2002
    Bidali Software [Site]
    Windows XP CD-R/RW Properties v1.0.004 [112 KB]
    Windows XP CD-R/RW Properties uses the IMAPI interface to show you CD Recorder information on your Windows XP system.
    YaPS 16-11-2001
    demon2001 [Site]
    YaPS v1r10 (10-11-2001) [172 KB]
    YaPS is short for Yet another Protection Scanner and is able to detect SecuROM, SecuROM *new*, SafeDisc, SafeDisc 2, CD-Cops, CodeLok/CopyLok, LaserLock, DiscGuard, Bitpool, ProtectCD, Oversized & Dummy files protected CDs.

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