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Rose Research and MEMS Optical Create Optimeon LLC to Make Fast DVD Integrated Pickups
DALLAS, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Rose Research and MEMS Optical are pleased to announce the creation of their joint venture Optimeon LLC based in Dallas, TX, to design, make, and sell high speed Optical Pickups (OPU) for fast DVD and CD-ROM applications. Rose Research LLC, (Dallas, TX), is a privately held company operating as an incubator of advanced technologies in the fields of opto-electronics, high speed logic IC design, optical inter-chip communication and millimeter waves imaging. MEMS Optical LLC (Huntsville, AL) designs, manufactures, and sells specialty micro-optical systems based on proprietary technologies.

Optimeon has exclusive licenses from Rose Research and MEMS Optical to a portfolio of patents covering a new type of high performance DVD pickup head. Optimeon's integrated system designs provide an easy transition to 40X + speed, reading a single DVD track. The integrated pickup heads include laser light generation, optical beam shaping, detection and signal processing as a single, pre-aligned component. The heads are easily mounted on the sled, considerably reducing the number of separate parts and eliminating costly and cumbersome optical alignments used today. The Optimeon OPUs do not require changing the servo controlled objective lens assembly, making them easy to be used in the current sled designs. The weight and components reduction provide for a simpler design of the sled and faster tracking speed. This technology gives DVD manufacturers instant access to the 40X technology segment at a very competitive cost. Optimeon plans to market a range of pickup combinations to include DVD, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, DVD/CD-R, R/W Heads. Optimeon is now receiving orders for pickups based on customer specifications. Quantity shipments are expected to meet the Christmas 2000 schedule for orders placed before April 28, 2000. Optimeon can provide custom DVD photo-detector chips without optics, to function at 40X within the customer's standard existing optical systems. Optimeon makes its high yield optical designs and its opto-electronic components available separately.

SOURCE: Rose Research LLC and MEMS Optical LLC

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