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New Kodak Picture CD Improved Editing Features

Transform Flawed Snapshots Into Frame-Worthy Treasures

HP, AmazingMail and QSound Labs AudioPix Software Round Out Lineup Of Features

ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 25, 2000--Pictures too bright? Too dark? Too far away? Kodak has a new way to turn less than ideal snapshots into picture-perfect keepsakes. With the new issue of Kodak Picture CD, pictures that have been over / under exposed due to too much or too little flash or a premature click of the shutter button, can be easily fixed. By using simple photo-editing features, people can dramatically improve their pictures with a click of the mouse.

Kodak Picture CD, created and co-marketed with Intel Corporation, is an innovative, auto-running CD-ROM, with a software interface and photo-editing functions developed by Adobe Systems, Incorporated. It makes enhancing, sharing, organizing and printing pictures on a computer simple, automatic, affordable and fun. Kodak Picture CD can be ordered when getting film developed simply by checking a box on the processing envelope provided by a retailer or photofinisher. Kodak Picture CD Vol. 3, Issue 1, will be available from early May until August.

"Kodak Picture CD is the easiest way for people who use film cameras to get their pictures into the computers. With the new issue of Kodak Picture CD, people can easily change less-than-perfect pictures into pictures worthy of a frame," said Dennis Hamann, general manager, Kodak Picture CD, and director of marketing, Consumer Digital Services, Eastman Kodak Company. "The new software lets people easily correct some of the most common snapshot flaws."

Kodak Picture CD also offers "10 Easy Steps to Taking Better Pictures" so snapshooters can brush up on their picture-taking skills in time to snap the next roll of film.

Advanced Editing and Enhancement Features

Just because a picture is not perfect the first time doesn't mean it can't be fixed. Kodak Picture CD, Vol. 3, Issue 1, offers Kodak's most extensive line of enhancement features yet:

  • Trim - to zoom in on a subject
  • Lighten Subject - balances light and dark areas in the picture
  • Darken Subject - reduces overexposure from too much flash
  • Adjust Color Tint - corrects color balance, just like on a television
  • Remove Red Eye - to correct one of the most common flaws in snapshots
  • Instant Fix - for when a picture looks washed out
  • Coloring Book - creates a coloring book page ready for crayons
  • Old Fashioned - transforms new pictures into antiques

By using the "lighten subject" feature, people can brighten a picture taken without a flash. Then, the picture can be refined by adjusting the color tint and tightened by trimming it. The final shot is fit for a frame.

HP's Print Projects

Once the editing and enhancement features have been applied, it's time to try more of Kodak Picture CD's new offerings. Print projects from Hewlett-Packard Company introduce creative ways to use newly improved pictures. "The HP Printsville" Web site lets consumers download projects specifically designed for a color inkjet printer and make personalized CD case and audiocassette covers, holiday creations, cards and projects for children. "HP Idea Kits" provide software, specialty paper, instructions and tips for creating anything from personalized stationary and trading cards to homemade T-shirts, bookmarks and home decorations.

Other Cool Software

Kodak Picture CD also features's postcard software that turns pictures into actual postcards that arrive to friends and family via U.S. Mail, just like a traditional postcard. There's no more need to purchase standard postcards while on a family vacation when personalized shots of the trip are just a few clicks away. Other software applications include 3-D pictures made with Real 3D's Picture 3D and's electronic photo jigsaw puzzles.

Internet Adventures

Kodak Picture CD is also packed with new "Internet Adventures" that take people from the CD onto the Internet. Launch lets fans "pose" with musical artists and then share the excitement of new-found fame via e-mailed pictures. QSound Labs new AudioPix software creates rich media slide shows that can turn a family album into a home movie; pictures of friends into a funky music video; or homework into a dynamic student report. With a few clicks of the mouse, JPEG picture files and MP3 music files are synchronized to create these memorable presentations.

Interactive Marketplace

The "Interactive Marketplace" is the ultimate destination for special picture offers. Keepsakes enthusiasts will find that Folksites can help them create scrapbooks online or publish online family newsletters. Folksites helps consumers easily publish Web pages without time-consuming downloads and installations. Gamers will run straight to the "Fun and Games" area for the picture-push puzzle and the picture-match game. The fashion-conscious will get tips from the Seventeen Style Studio digital makeover demo. Finally, birthday party presents will receive a special touch with customized picture gift-wrap.

Pricing and Availability

Kodak Picture CD is available nationally at retail chains across the country, including Best Buy, CVS, Eckerd Drug, Kmart, Target, Walgreen's and other participating retailers. The suggested retail price is $8.95 to $10.95, depending on service turnaround time. It is available as an add-on to developing and printing traditional prints.

System Requirements

Kodak Picture CD requires a minimum 90 MHz Intel® Pentium® processor (or comparable) based PC or greater and minimum 2X CD-ROM drive, 16 MB of RAM, 50 MB of available hard disk space and Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT Workstation operating system version 4.0 or later. Users of Macintosh computers must have an Apple Power Macintosh or compatible 603e (120MHz) computer (Power Macintosh G3, PowerBook G3, or iMac computer are strongly recommended); with a Macintosh operating system of 8.0 or later, 20 MB RAM available to the application, CD-ROM XA ready, multi-session, Photo CD-compatible, 4X CD-ROM drive, and 256-color display at 640 x 480 screen area.

Internet access is required for online functionality. Significant performance improvements will be observed with systems that exceed minimum requirements. Users of Windows 3.1 system can only access their JPEG picture files on Kodak Picture CD.

Additional information about Kodak Picture CD is available on the Internet at

Kodak is a trademark of Eastman Kodak Company. Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems, Incorporated. Intel and Pentium are trademarks of Intel Corporation. AmazingMail is a trademark of Inc.

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