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Sonic and RAVISENT Collaborate to Bring Streaming DVD to the PC Desktop

New Technology Brings Interactivity to Internet Streaming Video Distribution

NOVATO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 3, 2000--Sonic Solutions (Nasdaq: SNIC) and RAVISENT Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: RVST) today announced a joint effort to bring the new Streaming DVD(TM) video standard to millions of PC users worldwide.

Sonic Solutions will deliver Streaming DVD authoring applications for the creation of interactive, streaming video content. RAVISENT will integrate support for the Streaming DVD format into its CineMaster® family of web-integrated PC Digital Media Players, and extend the new format with its Media Access Control technology, enabling secure e-commerce delivery for content creators and distributors.

This collaboration allows consumers to play back streaming DVD content over the Internet using the same interactive menus and navigation as on a physical DVD disc.

"Sonic Solutions has been a pioneering force in developing DVD authoring solutions and expanding the uses of the DVD format," said Alan McCann, Senior Vice-president and General Manager for RAVISENT's Personal Computer Business. "This close partnership and collaborative effort further validates our strategy of providing OEMs and end users with a fully-integrated suite of digital video playback solutions. This demonstrates that RAVISENT software is a critical element enabling consumers to play compelling interactive DVD content over the web."

Combining the interactive features of DVD with high-quality video and audio at scalable data-rates, Streaming DVD represents a major step forward in delivering compelling video content online. Using the interactive video format of DVD, Streaming DVD allows the format to be used for broadband Internet access.

"There are over 80 million DVD-equipped PCs on people's desktops today, and the vast majority are connected to the Internet," said Christopher Kryzan, Senior Vice-president of Marketing and Engineering at Sonic Solutions. "Our collaboration with RAVISENT means that overnight, Streaming DVD can become one of the most widely-deployed formats for playing streaming video on the Internet. In addition, RAVISENT'S Media Access Control technology enables secure e-commerce delivery of Streaming DVD content."

About Streaming DVD

Streaming DVD is the first streaming video format based on industry-standard DVD, and it consists of three key components: authoring, broadcasting and playback. The Streaming DVD authoring engine will be incorporated in Sonic's industry-leading line of DVD authoring applications, including Sonic DVD Creator, DVD Fusion and DVDit!. At the output stage of the DVD authoring process, users will have the ability to select Streaming DVD in addition to DVD-Video.

When Streaming DVD output is selected, all source video is automatically compressed into low bit-rate MPEG-2 video. Once compressed, the video and audio assets are multiplexed into a file consistent in structure with the DVD-Video file format and can be written to hard disk or even onto the DVD-ROM portion of a standard DVD-Video title.

Once Streaming DVD content has been authored, it can be published on the Internet through a simple FTP upload to a standard web server, or streamed directly from the desktop using Sonic's PersonalBroadcaster(TM) technology.

For playback, RAVISENT's Software CineMaster® DVD player will include the ability to access, pay for if required, and play Streaming DVD content, enabling users to view both Classic DVD and Streaming DVD formats on their personal computer.

Sonic plans to release Streaming DVD-enabled versions of its authoring applications in July 2000. Sonic has an active licensing program for a range of technology partners including player manufacturers, Internet hosting and service providers, and content publishers. RAVISENT will release Streaming DVD-enabled versions of its Media Player applications in July 2000.

RAVISENT, too, has a licensing program for its Media Access Control software for secure content delivery over the Internet. For more information about Streaming DVD, please visit Sonic or RAVISENT on the web at or or send email to [email protected].

About Software CineMaster®DVD

Software CineMaster® was developed using RAVISENT's modular software architecture and is a high-performance software-based solution designed to decode DVD, MPEG-1 and Broadcast MPEG-2 video streams. The application shares the same robust software core of the CineMaster® family of products that are in use by major PC OEMs, video graphics and video game manufacturers.

Software CineMaster® assists OEMs to meet rapidly changing consumer preferences in record time at a low cost. Software CineMaster® DVD is the first software-based DVD solution to deliver both decoding and encoding capabilities, as well as supporting cutting-edge HDTV (High Definition Television) decoding on multimedia PCs.

About RAVISENT Technologies Inc.

RAVISENT provides digital video, audio and Internet appliance technology to industry leading PC, Consumer Electronic and Internet Appliance OEMs, empowering them to deliver highly competitive, cost-effective products with a strong time-to-market advantage. RAVISENT software and intellectual property is contained in products from Compaq, Dell Computer, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Micron, Fujitsu, Quantex, Sony, Tottori-Sanyo, Vestel, Yamaha, ATI Technologies, C-Cube, ST Microelectronics, Telecom Italia, [email protected], Formenti, IPM, and Telecruz. Founded in 1994, RAVISENT is a global company, headquartered in Malvern, Pa., with offices in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Germany and Japan. More information about RAVISENT is available at

About Sonic Solutions (Nasdaq: SNIC)

Based in Marin County, California, Sonic Solutions designs and manufactures DVD publishing and audio editing systems used by video, audio and multimedia professionals around the world. Sonic's product lines include DVD Creator, the leading system for producing DVD titles; DVD Fusion, the first DVD publishing system designed for non-linear video editors; DVDit!, the easiest way to publish on DVD and the first DVD publishing application for consumers; and SonicStudio HD, the leading digital audio workstation to prepare recorded sound for release on DVD and CD. Sonic is a leader in advancing DVD-Video and DVD-Audio technology and is a full voting-member of the DVD Forum, the standards-setting body for the DVD format. Sonic Solutions can be contacted on the web at

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