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TEMIC Releases New Low-Power Laser Diode Drivers for DVD
HEILBRONN, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 19, 2000--TEMIC Semiconductors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), released today the first two members of a new family of laser diode drivers for re-writeable DVD, CD and other optical media drives such as copying machines, laser printer and fax machines. The ICs T0800 and T0810 feature very low current consumption to extend operating time of DVD end products.

Due to its five input channels, the T0800 is worldwide the first laser driver for the new generation of 4.7-GB DVD-RAM end products. In contrast to all other laser drivers available on the market offering only one output channel, the T0800 is the first such product providing two optional outputs. This outstanding feature enables to drive end products that operate with both the old (CD-RW) and the new (DVD-RAM) standard while using only one IC. Each input channel can support up to 150 mA, each of the output channels can reach up to 200 mA. An oscillator is integrated to reduce laser mode hopping noise during read mode.

The T0810 is a low-cost solution to drive laser diodes of CD-RW devices. It contains an oscillator and a fast-settling adaptive power control amplifier for a front end monitor diode. Due to TEMIC Semiconductors' enhanced bipolar technology, the current consumption in operating mode is significantly reduced (write mode: 30 mA, read mode: 40 mA) compared to the competition's solutions in BiCMOS technology. Less current consumption in operating mode means less heat carry off, so the design will be easier and faster.

Further members of the laser driver family are planned according to market requirements.

Samples of the T0800 and T0810 as well as evaluation boards for both devices are available now, pricing starts at $2.80 (10 k) for the T0800 and $2.35 (10 k) for the T0810.

TEMIC Semiconductors designs, manufactures and markets on a worldwide basis technically advanced integrated circuits to serve Communications, Automotive, Dataprocessing and Aerospace markets, using CMOS, BiCMOS, BCDMOS and SiGe technologies.

TEMIC Semiconductors' manufacturing facilities are QS-9000 certified (Nantes, France, and Heilbronn, Germany) and ISO-9002 certified (Manila, Philippines).

Worldwide and local customers are supported by a network of Company sales engineers as well as registered sales representatives and electronic component distributors.

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