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Casio Offers Revolutionary New Extended-Play MP3 Personal CD Player

PZ-5000 Delivers MP3 and CD Functionality in Casio Cool Package

TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 5, 2000--This holiday season, music lovers on the go won't need to carry a CD holder to enjoy hours of their favorite tunes. Casio Communications today announced the PZ-5000, a full-featured MP3 personal CD player, at a very affordable price of $159.99.

The conveniently sized unit plays MP3 files recorded on a CD-R as well as conventional audio CDs. The PZ-5000's extended play function plays up to 160 MP3 music files -- without the expense or space limitations of a CD changer. Users also receive a handy car kit, making the unit ideal for travel.

The PZ-5000 also features MP3-compatible Search/Play functions for locating specific tracks quickly and easily, giving users immediate access to their favorite songs. Searches are available alphabetically by the first letter of a song title, by "intro" -- the first ten seconds of each song, or by "Directory Search", a convenient and intuitive function that allows users to select titles via directories that are designated during the formatting of the MP3 files.

"Casio Communications would like to see MP3 capabilities become a standard feature in personal CD players," said Mino Takahashi, director of Casio Communications' sales/administration audio division. "We're out to challenge the industry with both the features and price of the PZ-5000. It packs the very best of MP3 and CD player technology into a very small, very economical package. This plus our trademark Casio Cool styling make the PZ-5000 an excellent holiday offering for all music lovers, particularly the youth and travel markets.

The player also features a program memory, repeat and random play functions, Bass Boost System and auto power off. A 40-second Digital Shock Guard ensures smooth performance even through bumps and jostles.

The PZ-5000 will be available this holiday season through consumer electronics retailers nationwide.

About Casio Communications

Casio Communications, Inc., as the successor to Casio PhoneMate, Inc., is a leader in the development and design of telecommunications products for home, home/office and small business consumers.

Casio Communications, Inc. markets and sells Casio audio products to the U.S. marketplace, including CD boom boxes, personal CD and cassette players, travel clock radios and MD players. In the coming year the company will expand its product offerings to include several new MP3-related products. Based in Torrance, Calif., Casio Communications continues to pioneer high-quality, reliable and cost-effective audio products and communications solutions.

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