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Sony develops 1.3GB double-density CD formats
Sony Corp. has developed a new disc format that doubles the data capacity of CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW media to 1.3Gb from the current 650Mb.

Tentatively called Double Density CD, the format shares basic specifications with conventional CD Read Only (ROM), Recordable (R) and ReWritable (RW) standards. For that reason, DDCD can be produced at low cost by using the current production technology and facilities of today's standards, according to the Nikkei news service.

Sony did not give any idea how much the technology would cost in terms of actual drives or a retail cost of the media.

The doubling of storage is achieved by the use of a new address format as well as shorter track-pitch and smaller "pits" that store the digital data. In the future, the new formats will be made compatible with copyright protection technologies, Sony said.

Expecting to license the technology in September, Sony and Royal Philips Electronics NV are currently discussing possible technology enhancements to the format with other companies, including the licensees of the existing CD formats.

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