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Aopen launches the Worldwide Fastest CD-ReWriter...
Aug. 30, 2000 — AOpen, the component manufacturer for the Acer Group, today launched the worldwide fastest CD-ReWriter --- the CRW-1232, offering advanced optical drive solutions. For those wanting to maximize CD-ROM performance in their PC, the new CRW-1232 offers unparalleled flexibility, combining a 12X write CD-R and 10X write CD-RW discs speeds with a maximum 32X read speed. The 12X-write speed leaps over conventional 4X and 8X CD-R speeds, enabling end users to write an entire 650MB CD-R in just over six minutes.

This May, the Orange Book Part III, Volume 2 V1.0 was released, setting forth a new standard that increases the maximum speed of CD-RW operation to up to 10X speed for recording and rewriting. (The standard set forth in the Orange Book Part III, Volume 1 V2.0 defines operation at 1X, 2X, and 4X speed.) Meeting this new standard, the AOpen CRW-1232 is the latest model in its CD-R/RW drive product line.

"As a complete and leading components manufacturer, AOpen offers top-quality solutions at very competitive prices. With our Optical Storage drives, AOpen customers enjoy having a wide variety of leading technologies to choose from to best suit their computing needs," said James Hua, Director of Marketing, AOpen Inc. "The new CRW-1232 provides the simple ‘drag-and-drop’ feature just as if it were a floppy disk. In addition, the drive offers users a nearly limitless backup solution for important files and data. Nevertheless, with AOpen CRW-1232 bonus pack, users may enjoy MP3 files coding and encoding in an ease-of-use storage enviroment"

Maximized for use in most PCs, the CRW-1232 is an internal design that supports the industry standard IDE interface. What’s more, the drive can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position, making it compatible with either desktop or minitower configurations.

A 4MB data buffer boosts the performance of the drive and access times are 120 m sec. or less. In addition to the high-performance features, the CRW-1232 integrates the Optimum Power Control (OPC) technology to give the CD-ReWriter a high reliability rating. OPC continually monitors signal levels during recording and adjusts laser power to compensate whenever the disc is dirty. This ensures a flat signal, which greatly enhances the CRW-1232’s reliability.

The CRW-1232 supports a myriad of CD formats, including CD-Audio, CD-ROM (modes 1 and 2), CD-ROM/XA (mode 2, forms 1 and 2), CD-I, Photo-CD (single and multiple sessions), video CD, CD-Extra, and I-Trax CD. This enhances the flexibility users have with this drive. For flexible writing performance, the CRW-1232 supports track-at-once, disc-at-once, multisession, and packet writing.

The AOpen CRW-1232 is Windows95/98/2K/NT Plug & Play compatible. The retail bonus package for the CRW-1232 includes several valuable software applications as well as high-speed CD-R/RW discs for users to enjoy MP3 and Backup experiences.

The CRW-1232 is available now from authorized AOpen resellers. Estimated street prices start at $329.

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