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EMTEC BASF new 16X Multi-Speed & 12X Ceram-Guard CD-Rs Media
BEDFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 7, 2000--The EMTEC BASF 1-16X Multi-Speed CD-R and 12X Ceram-Guard CD-R are new additions to EMTEC's full line of CD and CD-R products now available in North America from EMTEC DataStoreMedia.

These latest, as well as the current, CD-R products are packaged with prominent color-coded write speeds such as 1-12X and 1-16X.

EMTEC will be premiering its 4.7 GB DVD-R and a multi-media card (MMC) about the size of a postage stamp for portable and hand held devices in Europe later this year.

"EMTEC's full CD/CD-R product line is now available in North America. We are offering resellers and their end-users EMTEC BASF quality with aggressive pricing. The 1-16X Multi Speed CD-R and upcoming DVD-R products are indicative of EMTEC's global commitment to developing products suitable to the latest recording advances,'' said Sig Tullmann, EMTEC DataStoreMedia CEO.

EMTEC's CD-R Product Line

EMTEC's new 1-16X Multi Speed CD-R can be used in the newest CD recorders with a 16X write-speed, as well as in older, slower recorders. This Multi Speed disk is protected from damage by a special coating and a hardened surface. Also available from EMTEC DataStoreMedia is the EMTAC BASF Ceram Guard, a 1-12X CD-R with a special ceramic coating. This coating reliably protects the CD against scratches, damage and data loss.

EMTEC offers its CD-R Extra for users of older CD-writers (1-8x write speed) with a standard capacity of 650 MB and another CD-R Extra version with a 700 MB capacity. Also available from EMTEC is its rewritable 1-4X CD-RW. All EMTEC CD-Rs are downwardly compatible in write speeds.

Thoughtful Packaging

According to Joe Endyke, EMTEC DataStoreMedia National Sales Manager for EMTEC BASF CD/CD-R products, "EMTEC has revamped its CD-R packaging to reflect the all-important maximum write speed of each product,'' which is featured prominently on the front of each CD-R package. EMTEC BASF CD-Rs are available in individual jewel case or bulk packaging at 650 or 700 MB capacity. The packaging also includes clip-trays, allowing generous space for labeling and indexing, and printed CD-pockets which are protective paper sleeves which can be custom printed to end-user or reseller specifications.

Each EMTEC BASF CD-R version is available with an inkjet printable surface or a thermally printable surface. In addition to the digital data format, most also come as digital audio CD-Rs.


The once-writable EMTEC DVD-R with a maximum storage capacity of up 4.7 gigabytes will be introduced in Europe later this year in response to the European market's new 4.7 gigabyte DVD recorders. This disk can be played on DVD-ROM players or DVD video players.

In addition to the EMTEC BASF CD-R product line, EMTEC DataStoreMedia, Inc. offers the complete product line of EMTEC BASF brand data media. The mainframe magnetic tape cartridge line includes the new one-gigabyte BASF Extra XL 1.0, and the existing BASF 3480, the BASF 3490DL/3490E, the BASF 3490DLX, the BASF /IBM 3590, and the BASF SD-3. Other BASF data media include BASF DLT(TM) and Travan(TM) media, BASF 1/4" Data Cartridges, BASF 4mm and 8mm Data Cartridges, BASF Rewritable Magneto Optical Disks, BASF 3.5 HD Diskettes, and BASF 2000 AD, Gold and Endura Computer Tapes.

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