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Yamaha introduces new CD-RW
Yamaha introduced a new Mac-compatible CD-RW, the CRW8824SXZ. The new 8x external SCSI-3 drive is part of the company's new generation of high-speed CD recorders, according to the company.

Yamaha says this portable unit is the first external recorder to rewrite CD-RW discs at 8x speed, doubling the current standard of 4x and cutting the required time to rewrite a CD-RW disc in half. The company also claims the recorder allows users to rip audio CDs at 24x-up to three times faster than conventional CD-RW recorders currently in the marketplace.

"Yamaha SCSI recorders have long been recognized as the benchmark for CD-RW recorders in the industry,'' states Allen H. Gharapetian, Product and Marketing Manager, Consumer Products Division, Yamaha Corporation of America. "CRW8824SXZ is a solid, reliable workhouse with an extra speed boost which allows it to rewrite CD-RW discs at an incredibly fast 8x speed.''

The unit features a large 4 MB buffer memory, records on CD-R discs at a top speed of 8x (writing a 650 MB CD in 9 minutes) and reads CDs at a maximum rate of 24x.

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