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Pixela Demonstrates World's First DVD-RAM Drive With USB 2.0 Interface

The World's-First DVD-RAM Storage With USB 2.0 Interface Is Demonstrated In Japan in October 18, 2000 (Booth No: 5401)

TOKYO BIG SITE, TOKYO, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Pixela Corporation, a leading Japanese software and peripheral manufacturer, will demonstrate the world's first DVD-RAM drive with USB 2.0 interface at World PC Expo in Tokyo, Japan. The USB 2.0 DVD-RAM drive has a built-in 4.7GB ATAPI DVD-RAM drive from Matsushita Electronics and a USB 2.0/ATAPI bridge. Pixela developed the USB 2.0/ATAPI bridge board using NetChip Technology's NET2290 general purpose USB 2.0 peripheral controller chip and a local microprocessor.

"The USB 1.1 has changed its face as USB 2.0, with the transfer rate dramatically increased, while adapting all the useful functions, such as 'Plug and Play,"' said Hiroshi Fujioka, president of Pixela Corporation. "USB 2.0 is the ideal interface for peripheral vendors such as Pixela. We will continue to use this USB 2.0 interface with our peripheral products in the future."

"Pixela first introduced a DVD-RAM drive with USB 1.1 interface in November 1999," continued Fujioka. "However, to replay a DVD without frame drops and maximize data to/from the 4.7 GB DVD-RAM, we need a transfer rate faster than the 12Mbps maximum for USB 1.1." USB 2.0 has a maximum throughput of 480Mbps, 40 times faster than USB 1.1 while maintaining backward compatibility with USB 1.1. This makes the USB 2.0 DVD-RAM drive the ideal choice for maximum performance even for users who currently have a USB 1.1 PC and want to eventually upgrade to a USB 2.0 PC.

"We are delighted that Pixela is leading the way in USB 2.0 high-speed device development," says Jason Ziller, chairman of USB Implementers Forum and Intel technology initiatives manager. "This joint effort between Pixela and NetChip's USB 2.0 interface controller will help pave the way for USB 2.0 to become the PC connection of choice for high performance media drives."

About Pixela

Pixela Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a leader in design and manufacturing of computer peripherals. Pixela is highly skilled to develop software, firmware, and hardware for computer systems and subsystems. Computer peripherals, drivers and applications from Pixela are multi-platforms compatible (Windows and Macintosh). You can find Pixela's products in many local consumer retailers and/or through OEM arrangements to many major PC peripheral and AV manufacturers. .

About NetChip

NetChip Technology, Inc. is a leading supplier of high-performance semiconductors and subsystems based on USB and other leading edge, emerging technologies. NetChip is the first company in the world to demonstrate USB 2.0 products at various conferences hosted by Intel and Microsoft. The company's innovative product designs, unparalleled level of customer support, and high level of product expertise have earned NetChip a solid reputation with peripheral device design engineers and business managers alike. You can find NetChip's products in many popular printers, scanners, storage devices, digital cameras, multimedia devices, broadband modems, business and home networking equipment. NetChip is headquartered at 335 Pioneer Way, Mountain View, CA 94041, 650-526-1490, .

SOURCE: NetChip Technology, Inc.

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