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Blue Sky Research Releases Its First High-Speed Optical Pickup Unit For CD-RW Drives

CD-RW OPU Offers 8x/8x/32x Write/Rewrite/Read Speeds for Removable Media

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Sky Research today announced the release of the first member of its new line of Optical Pickup Units (OPUs) for CD-RW drives. This initial high-speed OPU delivers 8x/8x/32x write/rewrite/read speeds in a compact, lightweight package ideal for desktops and multimedia peripherals. The US-designed Blue Sky Research OPU is the only one being produced by a manufacturer outside of Japan, Korea and the Netherlands, and provides a new source for a market currently in a severe undersupply condition.

"Global suppliers cannot keep up with the huge demand for high speed pickup units for CD-RW drives," said Daniel Hu, CEO of Blue Sky Research. "Blue Sky Research is delivering the only North American designed CD-RW OPU in the market."

The second Blue Sky Research OPU, at 12x/10x/40x, is expected by first half of 2001.

Blue Sky Research is well established in the electro-optics components and subsystems market since 1995, when it brought its proprietary uLens(TM) (microlens) technology (awarded Optics Product of the Year by Laser Focus World magazine) to markets as diverse as scanning systems and biomedical instruments. The company is now applying its broad electro-optical expertise to the development and production of high performance products in the data storage and the rapidly expanding optical telecommunications markets.

"Our new OPU is only one example of how Blue Sky Research is applying its core laser technologies to new markets," continued Mr. Hu. "We currently have higher speed OPUs in development, as well as other innovations in CD and DVD technology. We also have strong product entries for optical telecommunications"

Among the other data storage innovations mentioned, Mr. Hu referred to the Super Seek Time (SST) optical drive mechanism, which promises to equal the speed and the seek-time performance of magnetic hard drives, but is designed for removable optical media. Blue Sky Research is also actively applying its OPU and SST technologies to the DVD format, which will be positioned for release as the DVD market expands.

Electro-optical manufacturing systems are fundamental to the commercial production of hardware for high-volume, low-cost markets such as the data storage market. Blue Sky Research has developed its own robotic system for component and subassembly manufacturing, and has established strategic relationships with high-volume diode and chip suppliers. The Company is currently negotiating with several world-class OEMs to supply its OPUs for multimedia applications, and delivery of production versions is scheduled for the first quarter of 2001.

About Blue Sky Research

Blue Sky Research, headquartered in San Jose, California, is an innovative optical telecommunications company creating key components essential for the metro deployment of optical networks. The company's patented technologies form a solid base for significant price/performance advantages in telecommunications and other electro-optics applications, such as data storage. Since entering commerce in 1995, Blue Sky Research has been building upon its proprietary technologies and volume manufacturing expertise. The company has experienced continuous expansion and, in year 2000, opened a wholly owned Singapore subsidiary, Blue Sky Systems. More information about Blue Sky Research can be found on the World Wide Web at

SOURCE: Blue Sky Research

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