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Iomega Introduces Global Data Access With Launch of Web Powered Quik Sync

Software Seamlessly Protects Users' Data On the Internet and Local Storage Devices

ROY, Utah, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Iomega Corporation, a global leader in data management solutions, today introduced Web Powered Quik Sync. Developed in partnership with SkyDesk, a provider of online storage and data management services, the new Web Powered Quik Sync gives consumers access to their data whenever, wherever, and however they need it and at the same time provides built-in protection for that data. The software enables users to seamlessly record data to local drives and the Internet simultaneously.

After a simple setup process, files are automatically and transparently copied to designated backup locations every time the user saves a file to the hard drive. In addition to the Internet, backup locations for Web Powered Quik Sync include network drives, hard drives, and Iomega Zip®, Jaz®, PocketZip(TM), and CD-RW drives. Users can choose any two backup destinations.

"Until now, computer users have had a choice between the convenience of using local drives for backup or the flexibility offered by online storage. With Web Powered Quik Sync, Iomega gives consumers the best of both worlds and options that meet their specific business and personal needs," said Germaine Ward, vice president of software and ebusiness solutions, Iomega Corporation. "This innovative product is a must-have purchase for anyone who wants to keep important files protected and accessible at all times."

Web Powered Quik Sync is ideal for small businesses, the small office/home office market and mobile users who need affordable backup solutions. The software package includes 100 MB of online storage for one year. Online storage can be renewed on a yearly basis. Users with greater Web-based backup needs can purchase additional storage to create total online capacities of 250 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB. Web Powered Quik Sync will initially be available for the PC platform; a Macintosh® version is in development.

"SkyDesk's technology features are a natural extension of Iomega's product line, and this strategic partnership allows us to provide Iomega's users with global data access," said Salvador Valles, marketing manager, SkyDesk, Inc. "With the flexibility of Web Powered Quik Sync, users can rest assured their data is not only protected, but will be available whenever they need it."

Web Powered Quik Sync provides a high degree of security through Iomega's relationship with SkyDesk, which also has partnerships with such well-known companies as Dell, EarthLink, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intuit and Covad Communications. When information is backed up using Web Powered Quik Sync, the data is split, encrypted, compressed and stored on two of SkyDesk's three server farms throughout the country. This process protects data from natural disasters, users' computer crashes and hackers.

Web Powered Quik Sync is expected to be available online at and in retail stores in the first quarter of 2001, with a suggested price of $69.95.

About Iomega

Iomega Corporation manufactures and markets the award-winning Zip®, Jaz® and PocketZip(TM) drives and disks, the HipZip(TM) digital audio player, the FotoShow(TM) digital image center, and Iomega Quik Sync 2 software; Iomega also markets Iomega CD-RW drives and discs. Iomega's products help people to save, share, manage and create important information such as Internet downloads, audio files, personal photographs, spreadsheets, and slides, while protecting that content from viruses and hackers. Used in homes, businesses, government and educational facilities and by creative professionals everywhere, Iomega storage solutions are the enabling technologies preferred by millions. The Company can be reached at 1-888-4-IOMEGA (888-446-6342), or on the Web at

About SkyDesk

SkyDesk delivers reliable, secure, easy-to-use and cost-effective Internet-based data storage and data management tools. SkyDesk's services allow users to protect, store, access and share their data from any PC with an Internet connection. The company's strategic partners include the top five personal computer manufacturers and the world's most popular software developers and Internet service providers. For more information about SkyDesk, please visit

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For further information, please contact: Media: Chris Romoser of Iomega Corporation, 801-332-3678, [email protected]; or Salvador Valles of SkyDesk, Inc., 858-720-4528, [email protected]; or Dana Perino of The Gable Group, 619-234-1300, [email protected]; or Investors/Analysts: James Recob of Iomega Corporation, 801-332-4430, [email protected].

SOURCE: Iomega Corporation

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