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JVC & Hitachi Introduce New 9.4 GB Capacity Write Once Read Many Technology Drive

Based on DVD-RAM, Tamper-Proof Disc Assures Reliable, Long-Term Data Storage

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 13, 2000-- Fall Comdex, November 13-17, 2000

Working closely with engineers from Hitachi, JVC's Digital Storage Systems Division is maximizing the potential of high-capacity disc-based "jukebox" data storage systems with the introduction of a new disc capable of 9.4GB of storage (dual-sided).

These new Write Once Read Many (WORM) Discs and Drives are based on the latest and most widely accepted DVD-RAM specifications, creating a vast myriad of storage options for high-capacity data storage applications. As a bonus, the new multi-function drives are read compatible with all existing DVD and CD discs and are capable of writing and erasing DVD-RAM discs.

DVD technology is rapidly eclipsing CD storage systems, largely because of the far greater storage that DVDs offer. This new WORM technology offers capacities of 4.7GB (single-sided) and up to 9.4GB double-sided, on a high reliability, write once disc, designed for integration into existing and new JVC Library Systems.

As institutions digitize increasing quantities of data, there is growing demand for a compact, reliable and large capacity storage device. Medical imaging systems, in particular, not only require large capacity storage, but also extremely reliable media that offers protection against tampering while providing secure, long-term data storage. JVC's Write Once Disc and Drive meet such requirements.

But the true potential of this exciting new technology is best realized when the JVC WORM Drives are configured into JVC's Jukebox library systems. For example, utilizing a standard 100-disc library system, users can achieve up to 940 GB of secure, on-demand storage. Incredibly, a 600-disc library can achieve up to 5.64 TB of storage.

Developed in partnership with Hitachi, the world's largest DVD-RAM drive manufacturer, this new Write Once Disc is also being developed for use with other major jukebox systems manufactured by NSM and Plasmon.

Features of JVC's Write Once Disc

  • Large capacity storage (9.4GB on Double-Sided Media) on a single disc.
  • JVC Library can offer over 5TB of storage.
  • Dedicated drive allows Write Once capability.
  • Write Once function requires exclusive Write-Once Discs, similar system to that of MO system.
  • Advanced defect management ensures high data reliability. If writing fails in one sector, it is performed on an alternate sector.
  • When a disc is finalized, additional writing is prohibited and the disc is read-only.
  • The recorded data has a shelf life of more than 30 years.
  • Backward write compatible with DVD-RAM Media (2.6GB, 5.2GB, 4.7GB, 9.4GB Media) and read compatible with all existing DVD and CD formats.

JVC's Digital Storage Systems Division is a division of the JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY, located in Wayne, New Jersey, and distributes a complete line of mass storage products including CD and DVD jukeboxes, and E-mail Management products. For more information about JVC's Digital Storage Systems Division, contact Doug Arnold at (800) 526-5308; or visit JVC's web site at

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