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Traxdata, Europe's No.1 CD-R Company

Traxdata is the market leader in CD-R/CD-RW media, with its brand now established as the largest volume seller in Europe. In a period of less than six years Traxdata has grown into an internationally recognised and respected digital optical company.

In 1999 Traxdata strengthened its position within the market by forming a strategic alliance with the world's leading manufacturer of quality optical disc technologies, the Ritek Corporation.

The result of this partnership has been that Traxdata is now in a position where it can fulfil market demand for its products, making it poised to become the leading brand in the global market. Traxdata's goal for the new millennium is to sell one million CD's a day, everyday.

Traxdata recognises that to maintain its position it has to not only keep pace with demand for today's products, but also to look to the future and the development of new technology. To achieve this aim the company strives to be the first to make new developments into new products for the digital optical storage market.

Based in High Wycombe in the south east of England and with offices across the globe, Traxdata also benefits from an extensive international network of trading partners.

Technological innovation and commitment to long-term relationships with respected business partners place Traxdata as the complete solution provider for digital optical storage.

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