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Winstation Introduces New Versions of MediaPak, a Combo Unit with CD, CD-RW or DVD & ZIP, FDD or LS-120

New Combination Disk Drive Fulfills Customer Demand for Smaller Footprints

MOSES LAKE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 6, 2000-- Winstation Systems Corporation today announced new versions of the very successful MediaPak, first announced by Mitsubishi and Winstation in October 1998.

The MediaPak, which combines both a customer selected slimline removable magnetic media device, and a CD-ROM or CD-RW, in a single drive unit. At 5.75 inches in width, MediaPak meets the needs of customers with physical space constraints by providing two and as much as three drive choices in one drive bay. The easy-to-install drive allows users to save additional expansion bays for later upgrades, or server companies that have limited rack mount space. By offering IDE, FDD and SCSI interface versions of the drive, MediaPak can be used across the Windows, Unix and Linux computing platforms.

"Our customers, from VARs and OEMs to the ISPs are demanding space-saving peripherals that maximize the limited space available in 1U and 2U rackmount 19 inch server systems," said Russell J. Horn, chief executive officer at Winstation. "MediaPak offers customers the convenience of less space consumption by having two or three drives in one, which simplifies the assembly process for VARs and OEMs, and provides consumers with the smaller footprints they demand."

MediaPak, which fits in a single drive bay of a 1U server or higher and desktop computers, takes advantage of the compact height of the slimline technology. The 12.7-mm slimline form factor, which is usually found in notebook computers, enables MediaPak to also utilize optical media devices in the same package with low power consumption, and multimedia PC benefits.

"The goal of Winstation, is to continue to offer MediaPak technology, in various forms, across all the key computing platforms," said Jill Colee, marketing vice president. "MediaPak provides the functionality of every acceptable removable storage device, customer selected, in a single unit. It is the first step in what Winstation sees as a future of combining storage and multimedia drives."

About the MediaPak Drive Technology

MediaPak Drives fit into a standard 5.25-inch bay, using slimline technology to combine as many as three devices. Types of drives include LS-120, Zip 100 and 250, 1.44 FDD, CD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD technology. Available interfaces are IDE, FDD and SCSI using a single connector for all data cables and a single connection for all power requirements. For SCSI connectivity, an additional pcb is included and can be mounted internally with little effort. The newest version, SCSI CD-RW and DVD-ROM are available in external or internal configurations.

MediaPak technology is supported by all major media, drive and computer manufactures. For more information on MediaPak, visit, or call 800/243-3475.

Availability and Pricing

All MediaPak versions are shipping today and can be purchased directly from Winstation in OEM and VAR quantities, for consumers and smaller quantity, log on to to locate the nearest reseller. The MediaPak is priced from $159 USD and up to $539 USD in OEM quantity and depending on type of configuration.

About Winstation Systems Corporation

Winstation Systems Corporation is a leading full-line manufacturer of data storage devices and interfaces for the OEM market. Product lines include the largest selection of Combination drives, hard to find SCSI interfaces, SCSI floppy drives, SCSI SuperDisk and SCSI Zip drives.

Trademark Information

Winstation is a registered trademark of Winstation Systems Corporation. Windows, Mitsubishi, Unix and Linux are trademarks of their respective companies.

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