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AOpen uses JustLink Buffer Under-run Prevention Technology for CD-R/RW Drives

Innovative Design Improves Write Speeds, Minimizes Write Errors, and Makes Writeable CDs Hassle-free for Users

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2001-- AOpen America, Inc. today announced a new invention called JustLink(TM) technology. This new technology will allow optical drives such as CD-R/RW systems to write at faster speeds with fewer write errors and make the process of storing data on CDs hassle-free for computer users. The first optical drive to incorporate this new technology will be AOpen's popular CRW1232 CD-R/W optical drive, available early this year.

"Innovative products are the first leg in our three-part strategy: products, world-class manufacturing, and the best channel support and technical assistance in the industry," comments Paul Su, President of AOpen America, Inc. "Our optical drives have become the most popular CD drives in North America for IT component solutions. With JustLink technology, we now can distance ourselves further from the competition."

JustLink technology overcomes many of the issues in 12x and higher writing speeds to CDs. Since the user's computer may be interrupted for other tasks, CD writing is often interrupted, and the CD write buffer depletes itself. JustLink technology can prevent under-runs by predicting when they may occur and then taking control of the writing process, intentionally interrupting the write cycle until the buffer refills and writing can resume exactly where it left off, hence the name JustLink.

"Unlike other popular recording technologies used at 12X writing speeds, JustLink technology minimizes the write gap to only 2 microns, as compared to 40 microns in existing technologies," noted Su. "That may not seem like much, but the quality of audio CDs is now far superior with our engineers' newest invention."


JustLink technology will be incorporated into the CRW1232 optical drive early in 2001.

About AOpen America

Headquartered in San Jose, California, AOpen America is the world's largest total component solutions manufacturer and a member of an $8.5 billion technology group. Leveraging more than 23 years of technology manufacturing experience and more than 1,000 Group patents, AOpen designs, develops and markets advanced PC motherboards, optical drives, PC housings, peripherals, multimedia and networking solutions for resellers, system integrators and those who value reliability and performance.

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