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Ulead Systems Releases VideoStudio 5.0 With DVD Authoring

New Features Let Novice Users Seamlessly Integrate DVD, Input Internet Video and Batch Capture Long Sequences for Faster Editing

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video editing, image editing and Web graphics software, today announced the release of Ulead VideoStudio 5.0, the latest version of their consumer video editor. Version 5.0 incorporates a new level of productivity and quality for novice users in Internet video and video editing. Plus, VideoStudio's new architecture makes it the first in its category to offer DVD authoring capabilities for high quality output.

DVD Authoring Within VideoStudio 5.0

Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 is the first to offer an easy and affordable way to share and distribute high-quality videos. The DVD Plug-in is a DVD authoring tool to prepare video for CD or DVD disks. Using a 5-step wizard-style workflow and customizable templates, users can custom create DVD, Mini-DVD, VCD and SVCD titles with scene menus, navigation buttons and video introductions. The DVD Plug-in also creates a Project Database to store user projects for editing or to be used at a later date. Subsequent versions of plug-in will allow for direct DVD burning from VideoStudio 5.0. The DVD Plug-in is being distributed in two ways. First, it will be available in late February to all VideoStudio 5.0 owners via plug-in software from ( for $39. In mid-March, VideoStudio 5.0 DVD Edition will be available from catalogs and for $129.95.

Professional-Level Tools and Effects in a Simple Interface

Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 users can experience the ease and convenience of Batch Capture and Scene Detection. Batch Capture lets users specify which scenes to capture, then automates the entire process by capturing all scenes at once. For a long series of scenes, VideoStudio now offers Scene Detection. This new feature detects when the user originally turned on and off the camcorder and will automatically split the capture into those scenes accordingly. VideoStudio 5.0 also works around the 4GB file limitation inherent in Windows by automatically writing a new file once the 4GB limit is exceeded. VideoStudio will link these files together while making the whole process transparent to the end user.

Until now, advanced video filter effects and video overlays have been confined to higher-end video editing software. Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 has 30 new professional-level video filter effects. Each filter offers presets that can be controlled with precision through the Advanced Settings mode. To create slick title bars and picture-in-picture effects, as seen on most evening news show, alpha-channel (transparency) overlay has been incorporated into the Title track. Ulead COOL 3D .AVI files can be inserted over video for impressive 3D titling and animation.

Powerful Technology Under the Hood

Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 continues to lead the category in technology enhancements with Pentium 4 and DirectX 8 optimization. Internet streaming output has also been enhanced with Microsoft's new .WMV variable bit rate Internet video. This advance in streaming technology will be used to share video via through Ulead's upcoming partnership with TeVeo. Version 5.0 continues to have direct control and support for IEEE-1394 devices, DV and D8 formats, the Ligos® GoMotion® MPEG-2 codec for real-time MPEG-1/MPEG-2 compression, as well as MP3 audio input.

"ATI has been very pleased to partner with Ulead by bundling VideoStudio with our award-winning ALL-IN-WONDER product line," said Blair Birmingham, the ALL-IN-WONDER combination TV tuner and graphics board product manager. "This leading software enhances the usability of the ALL-IN-WONDER and can make video editing wizards out of just about anybody."

Pricing and Availability

Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 will be available in retail and online stores in January 2001. The estimated street price for VideoStudio 5.0 is $99.95. Owners of the current VideoStudio 4.0 and earlier versions may upgrade to Version 5.0 for $49.95.

Ulead DVD Plug-in will be available via download from in late February to all registered users of VideoStudio 5.0 for $39.95. In mid-March, VideoStudio 5.0 DVD Edition will be available from catalogs and for $129.95. For more information on VideoStudio and other Ulead products, visit .

About Ulead Systems

Ulead Systems, Inc. develops innovative video, imaging and Web graphics applications to help users communicate their ideas effectively and creatively to audiences around the world. The company's award-winning products include Ulead® PhotoImpact®, Ulead® VideoStudio(TM), Ulead MediaStudio Pro(TM), Ulead Photo Express(TM), Ulead® COOL 3D(TM), Ulead® GIF Animator(TM), Ulead® Photo Explorer(TM), Ulead® GIF-X.Plugin(TM), and Ulead® COOL 360(TM). Ulead also supports the burgeoning Web graphics community with a cutting-edge line of WebUtilities software products that focus specifically on Web graphics and animation design. For more information on the company, its products and services, please visit Ulead's Web site at or call 800-85-ULEAD (800-858-5323).

NOTE: Ulead and the Ulead Systems logo are registered trademarks of Ulead Systems, Inc. Ulead PhotoImpact, Ulead VideoStudio, MediaStudio Pro, Photo Express, Ulead COOL 3D, Ulead GIF Animator, Ulead Photo Explorer, Ulead GIF-X.Plugin, and Ulead COOL 360 are trademarks of Ulead Systems, Inc. All other names used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

SOURCE: Ulead Systems, Inc.

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