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InterVideo Ships Consumer Video Authoring Software

InterVideo MyDVD for CD Lets Users Publish Movies as "Video Postcards" On CD-R Using High-quality MPEG Video and Audio

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 28, 2001--InterVideo, a leading developer of digital video and audio software for the PC, today announced that it is shipping MyDVD(TM) for CD, its video publishing software for the rapidly growing base of CD-R/RW users. Developed in cooperation with Sonic Solutions, the leading provider of DVD publishing applications, MyDVD for CD uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to combine video, audio, text and pictures into "video postcards" with up to one hour of high-quality video on a low-cost CD recordable disc.

"CD-R/RW drives are included on more and more PCs today, and are an excellent choice for personal video authoring considering the low cost of media and the fact that CD-ROM playback is supported on most PCs," said Michael Demeyer, Senior Director Video Product Marketing for InterVideo. "With applications from sending birthday movies to Grandma to distributing training materials in a corporate setting, MyDVD for CD is an ideal solution for the rapidly-growing base of CD recorder equipped PCs."

MyDVD for CD allows user to take highly compressed MPEG video and audio from InterVideo's other WinCinema applications and other sources and burn these captured clips directly to recordable CDs. DVD-style menus let users select which scenes to watch by clicking a button or video thumbnail. By including a free runtime version of WinDVD® (InterVideo's industry leading software DVD player) on the CD-R, the discs will play back on virtually any CD-ROM equipped personal computer. This allows users to share the videos they make with friends, family and colleagues easily and affordably.

As the newest member of InterVideo's WinCinema(TM) suite of multimedia products, MyDVD for CD works smoothly with InterVideo's WinCoder(TM) video capture application. By using these products together, home video enthusiasts can easily and quickly combine video, music, text and digital photos to create their own "Hollywood-quality" titles.

"We are delighted to be working with InterVideo to enable users to publish their videos in the DVD format," said Mark Ely, VP of Business Development at Sonic. "With MyDVD for CD, InterVideo users who have become accustomed to watching DVDs on their PCs can, for the first time, turn their personal videos into interactive DVD projects, record them to CD and watch them on virtually any multimedia PC."

MyDVD for CD can author up to one hour of VCR-quality or 15 minutes of DVD-quality video per disc. Personalized discs can be created with a single movie clip and more advanced users can add menus to navigate the content much like the "select scene" menus found on many commercial DVD discs.

With the release of MyDVD for CD, InterVideo is now able to provide a solid entry level authoring tool while offering customers a smooth upgrade path to Sonic's other DVD publishing solutions.

MyDVD for CD is part of InterVideo's WinCinema suite of advanced digital video and audio software products. Other WinCinema components include: WinDVD; WinDVR(TM), a PC-based personal video recorder; WinRip(TM), InterVideo's digital music jukebox/encoder with the company's patent-pending Data Injection technology; and WinCoder(TM), the suite's MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 software encoder.

Pricing and Availability

MyDVD for CD is available now for purchase at MyDVD for CD is priced at $49.95 and is compatible with Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, and Millennium Edition.

For more information regarding InterVideo MyDVD for CD, contact InterVideo by phone at 510/651-0888 or visit For more information on Sonic Solutions, contact Paul Lefebvre at 415/893-8023 or [email protected].

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