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Rimage Delivers New Intellectual Property CD Protection Methodologies
MINNEAPOLIS, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Rimage Corporation has today announced the availability of multiple intellectual property (IP) protection methodologies to its customers. The first part of the two-part initiative will provide a gateway between Rimage's Perfect Image Producer software suites and IP copy protection software from major vendors and is immediately available.

Rimage customers will be able to purchase copy protection software from major vendors such as Eastman Kodak Company and Tribeka, which will interface with the Rimage Producer family of high throughput, automated CD-R publishing systems. Rimage has worked with Kodak to tailor the Kodak copy protection offering for the Rimage Producer product family. Rimage plans to offer the copy protection software through its normal distribution channels.

The second part of the initiative will employ Encrypted Digital Fingerprint(TM), a proprietary watermarking capability with every Rimage Producer system that ships. Unlike other available watermarking methods, EDF(TM) delivers a true forensic capability by embedding indelible and undetectable watermarks throughout the CD format and the content of the discs.

EDF watermarks persist through subsequent copy operations to deter illegal mass duplication of software and other proprietary materials by leaving a forensic trail back to the original recipient of the content. "Although there are other copy protection systems currently available, we don't believe any of the others offer the depth of security that the Rimage methodologies provide," according to Dave Suden, chief technology officer of Rimage Corporation.

"The EDF capability is designed to survive mass duplication or re-creation or adaptations of software because indelible and persistent digital fingerprints will be embedded onto discs hundreds to thousands of times," said Ken Klinck, vice president of sales and marketing.

EDF will be fully implemented by mid-June.

About Rimage

A pioneer in digital information publishing solutions, Rimage Corporation has developed the world's first fully integrated production system for the mass customization of CDs and DVDs -- the Perfect Image® Producer. The Producer contains many Rimage innovations, including the Prism(TM) Color CD/DVD printer, patented robotics systems and the patented multi-data-stream Perfect Image® Producer Software Suite. Continuing its focus in providing solutions for every need, Rimage has broadened its product line to include the new Desktop Family of products that combine ease of use with a small footprint -- providing the ultimate value for the office environment.

The company's products serve many diverse markets including business-to-consumer entertainment and photography applications; government; and business-to-business financial, health care and manufacturing applications. Rimage's customers deploy the company's equipment in manufacturing and fulfillment installations, as well as innovative e-commerce and in-store retail settings. Minnesota-based Rimage Corporation has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Rimage's web address is: .

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SOURCE: Rimage Corporation

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