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LuxSonor Announces INTRADA, the DVD-On-Chip Solution for Consumer DVD Players
FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 13, 2001--LuxSonor Semiconductors has established a leading role in the DVD player market with its introduction today of the Intrada DVD chip (LS2010). The Intrada is an exciting breakthrough product that combines standard DVD decoder technologies, new audio decode formats, new advanced video technologies, and back end analog components--all onto a single system-on-chip solution that still hits a low price point. In addition, LuxSonor is one of the first DVD semiconductor companies to utilize the 0.18 micron technology, a distinct advantage because it decreases chip cost and reduces power requirements, making the Intrada the lowest cost and lowest power DVD processor on the market today. In a rapidly maturing consumer DVD market, the Intrada presents system manufacturers with a compelling solution for a full-featured DVD player.

The Intrada represents the ideal solution for system manufacturers: an inexpensive chip that lowers total system cost but provides a full-feature set. By using hardware and software design expertise and extensive experience in the DVD player market, LuxSonor has developed the Intrada for middle-to-low end system manufacturers who require high quality playback and feature-rich solutions.

"The Intrada is a chip that provides what system manufacturers have been screaming for: a low-cost, full-featured, highly-integrated solution," explains Harold Liang, LuxSonor's CEO. "This is a hard-core, dedicated DVD chip that will appeal to customers and partners due to its low cost, low power requirements, and comprehensive feature set."

New Features

In addition to high levels of performance and seamless integration, the Intrada offers several new audio features including MP3, WMA and JPEG decoding support as well as Digital AC-3 and DTS with full six channel decoding. The Intrada is also capable of decoding other audio formats such as HDCD, DVD-Audio and SACD support. In addition to supporting the DVD format, the Intrada is fully compatible with Video CD, China's emerging Super VCD format and audio CDs (CDDA).

Video Features & Processing Power

The Intrada's integrated NTSC/PAL video encoder offers progressive output (480 lines at 60Hz). Intrada is also equipped with component YUV and RGB output, Macrovision copyright protection and built-in high quality triple 10 bit 2X oversampling video DACs. Additionally, the Intrada boasts some heavy processing power with an 81MHz RISC processor and a 32-bit DSP as well as utilizes a flexible interface that connects ATAPI, local bus or u-less DVD loaders without external logic.

LuxSonor provides OEMs with a total system solution that contains the most essential hardware and software components required to build a full-featured DVD player. This includes a full manufacturing kit complete with a comprehensive system software, manufacturing documentation, a system specification and user's manual, board schematics, and Gerber files. In sample quantities, the Intrada is priced at US$15. For production pricing, please contact LuxSonor Semiconductors

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