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Ulead delivers editing software for Panasonic DVD-RAM/R drive

Ulead Systems, a Taiwan-based imaging, video and web graphics software company, along with Panasonic announced that the Ulead DVD Plug-in will support Panasonicís new 4.7GB combination DVD-RAM/R drive, the DVDBurner.

Uleadís DVD Plug-in already gives users of both Ulead VideoStudio 5.0, a consumer video-editing solution, and Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.0, a prosumer video-editing package, the ability to use CD-burners to record VCD, SVCD, and DVD titles on CD-media without any additional software.

By adding support for the DVDBurner, users of Ulead video-editing software will now have the additional option of producing content in the DVD format to be burned onto DVD-R discs using Panasonicís combination DVD-RAM/R drive. With Panasonicís DVDBurner, Ulead customers can record to rewritable DVD-RAM media for random-access editing and to secure write-once DVD-R general media for playback on most new DVD players and DVD-ROM sets.

Compatibility with the Panasonic DVDBurner has already been implemented in the North America-only version of Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 DVD edition. For other Ulead DVD Plug-in users, a free update can be downloaded from the Ulead website.

About VideoStudio 5.0

Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 DVD Edition is a completely integrated PC video-editing solution that enables consumers to turn home videos into entertaining, theater-quality movies. A simple, step-by-step workflow guides the user from video capture to editing and export. With the convenience of both the storyboard and timeline modes, users can quickly and easily add striking titles, 3D transitions, video filter effects, video/graphic overlays and audio music or voiceovers.

About MediaStudio Pro 6.0

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.0 is an award-winning, non-linear digital video-editing solution that is used by professional content developers around the globe. Corporate marketing departments also use MediaStudio to quickly create presentations, merchandising and promotional materials as well as interactive training materials and special event videos. The software includes integrated tools for video capture, editing, animated video painting, vector-based drawing, audio editing and numerous transitions and filters.

About Panasonic DVDBurner

With the Panasonic DVDBurner, finalized videos and clips can be organized by categories, using a single-sided 4.7GB DVD-RAM disc to store up to two hours of high-quality videos for less than a penny per megabyte. The ability to edit and overwrite the DVD-RAM discs more than 100,000 times makes the media even more cost-effective. Video, audio, image and data files can be added to the disc and deleted just like a hard drive. With DVD-RAM technologyís random access capabilities, user can jump to a specific video or even a specific video frame almost instantly for editing or playback.

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