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P-CAV Writing Technology Leaves 'Zone CLV' Method And Competition 'in the Dust'

BUENA PARK, Calif., July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Yamaha's LightSpeed2(TM) Series of CD recorders make buffer underruns a thing of the past. By applying Partial Constant Angular Velocity (P-CAV) in combination with Yamaha's exclusive SafeBurn(TM) buffer management technology, Yamaha LightSpeed2(TM) recorders eliminate linking errors common to high-speed data recording on CDs. As a result, Yamaha LightSpeed2(TM) recorders are virtually the only choice for flawless audio recording and duplication on CDs. In fact, Yamaha remains the only CD-R/RW manufacturer in the industry not to give up recording reliability and quality in order to achieve theoretically higher recording speeds!

The Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) reading method is used by high performance CD-ROM drives to read CDs. In the CD recording field, Yamaha is the only CD-R/RW manufacturer in the world to use Partial CAV (P-CAV) for writing to a CD. The P-CAV writing method employed by Yamaha uses a smooth and gradual linear acceleration during the writing process. Other high speed CD-R/RW manufacturers are using the "Zone-CLV (Constant Linear Velocity)" method which "jumps" in recording speed 4X at a time, greatly compromising the integrity of the disc and substantially increasing the likelihood of encountering critical errors while making the links between each speed zone. To counter instability of data recording during the speed shifts and in order to create the link between the speed zones, a high speed CD-R/RW drive using Zone-CLV would require repeated activation of its built-in buffer management system to link each of the recording zones. Without the speed shifts and the required links, a Zone-CLV equipped recorder cannot reach its maximum write speed. To illustrate the point further, Zone-CLV recording is not very different than driving a stick shift automobile for the first time. Shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and then to subsequent gears, results in a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. With Zone-CLV you're shifting from 1st to 4th gear, seriously compromising recording integrity every time you change gears (speed zones.)

In contrast, Yamaha's efficient use of P-CAV technology allows writing to begin at 12X and increase at a smooth but rapid rate until it achieves 20X, 30 minutes into the recording process, without any speed zones or dramatic speed shifts, thereby eliminating the need for mandatory links to connect each zone. In fact, steady disc rotation has much to do with Yamaha's successful use of P-CAV writing technology where disc rotation remains steady at about 5500 rpm and decreases evenly as the outer portion of the disc is being written. When the CRW2200 reaches 20X, the rpm actually decrease to maximize stability to produce a high quality burn. Other manufacturers using the Zone-CLV method to achieve fast writing speeds apply dramatically increased disc rotation speeds, causing the drive not only to spin much faster when it starts up, but also jump to even higher rotation speeds at each 4X increase. At each jump point, recording has to stop for a very short time. Each time recording stops and restarts, an intentional "error" link is created. During each link, the Zone-CLV method causes disc rotation speeds to suddenly jump by 20 percent every time there is a 4X increase (link) in recording speed. Contrary to Zone-CLV, P-CAV does not cause intentional error links while achieving 20X smoothly and reliably, as there are no speed zones requiring mandatory links between them. In addition, P-CAV can also improve the quality of recording in the inner portion of the disc because moderate disc rotation reduces the vibration that corrupts quality. P-CAV is also exceptionally successful when making "on the fly" disc copies from a CD-ROM, because its gradual acceleration of the writing speed closely follows the acceleration of the reading speed of the source CD-ROM.

In additional to the intentional error links created during the speed shifts and the increased vibration due to spinning the disc at incredibly high speeds required by the Zone-CLV recording method, the quality of recording can be further impaired due to differing conditions of the laser power and writing strategy before and after the link in each of the zones. P-CAV's smooth linear acceleration provides unparalleled reliability and stability, helping to achieve maximum data recording accuracy.

To ensure that the written disc is of the best possible quality at the fastest recording speeds, Yamaha has worked another great technology into the LightSpeed2(TM) series of CD-RW recorders. Proprietary to Yamaha, SafeBurn(TM) is the most comprehensive technology to assure fast, error-proof CD recording, which includes (but is not limited to) a sophisticated buffer underrun protection system, a generous 8MB buffer and Yamaha's Optimum Write Speed Control(TM) that constantly monitors the recording environment and adjusts the recorders to optimum performance levels.

The buffer underrun protection technology packaged in SafeBurn(TM) completely eliminates buffer underrun errors. If data transfer is delayed and memory in the buffer drops to a critical level, recording is suspended until the buffer has regained sufficient memory, after which writing restarts from the point at which it was suspended. As a result, Yamaha's Buffer Underrun Protection has made the data gaps virtually undetectable, unlike other buffer underrun protection systems featured in most high speed CD-RW recorders which often create noticeably long data gaps when their buffer underrun system is activated.

"Achieving faster CD writing speeds -- without compromising recording quality -- has become an increasingly more important goal for Yamaha, especially for the growing number of users who are creating music CDs," states Allen H. Gharapetian, General Manager, Multimedia Products Division, Yamaha Electronics Corporation. "Our research has found that the P-CAV technology utilized in our industry-leading LightSpeed2(TM) drives is superior to other high speed drives which rely on 'Zone CLV' writing methods, resulting in more stable, high-quality audio CD recording."

With Yamaha's LightSpeed2(TM) series, music and data CDs can be duplicated or created much more accurately and reliably than with any other brand of CD-R/RW recorder in the world through the use of P-CAV and SafeBurn. There is no practical speed compromise and it is currently the fastest CD-R/RW on the market using the safest and most reliable recording method to date, using the buffer underrun technology the way it was meant to be used!

Introduced in May 2001, the new multi-platform LightSpeed2(TM) CRW2200 Series models are capable of recording on CD-R discs at an industry-first top speed of 20X, writing a full CD in under four minutes; rewriting CD-RW discs at a top speed of 10X; and reading CDs at a sustained maximum rate of 40X. In addition, the CRW2200 Series allows users to rip audio CDs at a maximum speed of 40X -- up to 66 percent faster than conventional CD-RW recorders currently in the marketplace -- allowing digital audio extraction of a 74-minute audio disc in less than three minutes.

Yamaha's new LightSpeed2(TM) family features five models: the internal CRW2200EZ using E-IDE (ATAPI) interface, the internal CRW2200SZ using Ultra SCSI (SCSI-3) interface, the external CRW2200SXZ using Ultra SCSI interface, the external CRW2200FXZ using IEEE 1394 FireWire(TM) technology and the external CRW2200USX using USB 2.0. The FireWire and USB 2.0 connections provide simple installation, reliable performance and fast recording speeds. All models are compatible with IBM PC compatibles. All external models are compatible with Macintosh computers.

For product and sales information, contact Yamaha Electronics Corporation, Multimedia Products Division, 6660 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620; visit; telephone (714) 522-9011; or fax (714) 228-3913. Press contact: Giles Communications, telephone (914) 422-3800, x132.

Yamaha Electronics Corporation (YEC), USA, based in Buena Park, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. YEC offers Home Theater components and systems, featuring A/V Receivers, Amplifiers, DVD/CD, Speakers, Mini-Systems, Video Projection, as well as A/V & IT Convergence Products. YEC Multimedia Products Division (MPD) offers CD-ReWritable Recorders, CD-R/RW Media, Computer Speakers and Headphones.

SOURCE: Yamaha Electronics Corporation

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