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Iomega announces CD recording software
by Jim Dalrymple, [email protected]

Iomega, best known for its Jaz, Zip and most recently Peerless drive systems, today announced it has entered into the CD recording software business. In introducing the new package called Iomega HotBurn, company officials said the software set a new standard for speed and simplicity.

In fact, Iomega said its HotBurn software consistently performed faster than the industry leader for users of all experience levels. In four out of five tasks measured, users were able to set up CD projects quicker, and they experienced less waiting time before and after the burn, according to the company.

"CD-burning software often puts the user through a confusing and complicated process," said Germaine Ward, senior vice president of software solutions, Iomega Corp. "HotBurn software is a faster and easier user experience. It wraps the functions that people use most of the time -- burning music, copying data, creating liner notes -- into a clean powerful interface, replacing the usual complexity with one or two simple steps. HotBurn will allow CD-RW users to successfully burn a CD faster, and it will differentiate our optical drive bundles in an intensely competitive market."

HotBurn includes a feature called "Best of" for creating a compilation CD without the need to copy the songs onto a hard drive prior to burning. Other features include easy two-step music and data CD mastering, one-step CD duplication and convenient CD imaging of multiple copies from a source CD. HotBurn also fully supports new technologies like BURN-Proof, which virtually eliminates the buffer under-run errors that can turn a CD into a coaster.

Iomega HotBurn will be available in October with new Iomega CD-RW drives. HotBurn is compatible with Macintosh  computers running Mac OS 8.6 through 9.x with supported USB, FireWire or ATAPI drives.

Iomega officials told MacCentral that the software would be available for current Iomega optical drive owners in October as a download for US$19.95. HotBurn will also be available as a standalone product for third-party drive owners for $29.95 as a download. Users can also purchase the product on CD from Iomega's web site for $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

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