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Sonic Introduces MyDVD 3, First Real-time DVD Recording and Editing System

Selected as Showcase Application At Intel Developers' Forum

NOVATO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 2001--Sonic Solutions introduced today MyDVD(TM) Version 3, the first application to provide home users with a complete solution for recording, editing and sharing personal video content on DVD recordable and CD-R/RW media. Selected as a showcase application in Intel's Technology Pavilion at the Intel Developers' Forum next week in San Jose, Calif., Sonic MyDVD is the first application to allow consumers to transform home videos into interactive DVDs by burning videos directly from a camcorder or VCR to DVD recorder.

"Sonic MyDVD changes the face of Windows PC-based home video production once and for all," said Ralph LaBarge, a DVD industry expert and managing partner of Alpha DVD. "Just as the laser printer and PostScript created the desktop publishing revolution, so will Sonic MyDVD effect the biggest sea change of all time in home video publishing. Now, it is in every Windows PC user's reach to become a DVD publisher."

Sonic MyDVD makes it easy to share home movies with family and friends on CDs and DVDs that can be viewed on a TV or personal computer. MyDVD captures video and audio directly from computer-attached camcorders or VHS decks, automatically creates menus, buttons and navigation based on user-selected styles, and records everything to DVD or CD discs. MyDVD also includes the unique capability to re-edit recorded discs by changing menus and adding or deleting videos, making it easy and convenient to archive a video library onto DVD and re-edit the discs later.

MyDVD will begin shipping this month to Sonic's OEM partners who are bundling the application with DVD-recordable drives, personal computers, video capture cards and other solutions. MyDVD will also be available on the Sonic webstore in October.

About MyDVD

MyDVD Video is built on Sonic's Hollywood-standard DVD formatting engine -- the same technology used to produce tens of millions of consumer DVD-Video titles. Building on this standard ensures that DVDs produced with the application are playable on the widest range of consumer DVD players. MyDVD provides three ways for consumers to create their own professional-looking DVD titles:


The first solution for recording directly to the DVD, MyDVD allows video from a camcorder or VCR to be written to DVD-recordable discs in a single step. In this mode, the user connects a camcorder or VCR to the PC and the application automatically converts the video and audio into DVD-compatible formats, creates menus and buttons for each video clip, and burns to the DVD-recorder.

DVD Authoring

In authoring mode, interactive DVDs can be created by dragging and dropping different types of multimedia elements into a DVD project -- video from camcorders, video files on hard disk in AVI, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats, audio and graphics data. MyDVD includes a built-in, faster-than-real-time(1) transcoder that automatically converts all incoming video formats into those compatible with DVD players, freeing the user from the headaches of determining DVD file compatibility.

MyDVD includes a wide range of professionally designed styles -- menu backgrounds, buttons and other features that add polish to projects. Chapter points can be added to any video, automatically or manually on-the-fly as video is being recorded. This means that DVD titles created with MyDVD include all of the navigation, buttons and menus automatically, yielding professional quality results for the home user.

DVD Editing(TM)

Sonic MyDVD is the first application that not only records DVDs in real-time, but also creates DVDs that can be re-edited right on disc. DVD Editing is an exciting new technology innovated by Sonic which allows discs to be changed after they are initially created, enabling an entirely new generation of DVD applications, such as video diaries, up-to-the-minute, customized sales presentations, compilations of family events, and more.

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