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Stop "Burning Coasters" with New CD-RW Diagnostic from ECI
Des Moines, IA. September 13, 2001. ECI (Enterprise Corporation International) announces the release of DriveEasy, its new diagnostic software for CD recording. DriveEasy’s array of diagnostic and testing features is designed to help users make optimum use of their CD recorders and their CD media. As purchases of CD-RW drives increase, so do the number of wasted discs that result from recording errors. Once a CD-R has an error, it’s useless to the to the user – a “coaster.” The prevalence of coasters is one of the largest issues plaguing users today because it’s expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.

DriveEasy was developed to help eliminate the time, expense, and frustration of burning coasters. The software gives users the tools they need to accurately troubleshoot problems experienced in recording to CD-R and CD-RW discs. Even in the case of improperly written CDs, DriveEasy’s data recovery and extraction tools can restore tracks that may not be seen by other software or by Windows Explorer.

According to L. Dennis Christensen, CEO of ECI, “DriveEasy is a valuable and easy-to-use application that reduces the number of recording errors you experience in burning CDs. The ability to actually test your CD-RW drive, discs and audio capabilities, makes it the perfect tool for optimizing your recording system and saving money on CD media.”

Retail and Trial Versions Available

The software is available for sale on the ECI website at: A trial version, which offers time-limited use of all of the features of DriveEasy, is also available from the site. DriveEasy will be available on most internet software sites, including and, for purchase by September 26, 2001.

Companies interesting in bundling or other OEM opportunities are encouraged to contact ECI. For more information on the retail product or OEM business, please call (877) 995-2401 or e-mail: [email protected]

About ECI

ECI, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa with offices in Santa Clara, California, Manning, Iowa, Japan and India, was founded in 1990 to specialize in software and services for the optical storage industry. Among ECI’s clients are several of the world’s best-known manufacturers of optical storage equipment and CD-recording software. The Company also provides third-party technical support for manufacturers of optical drives and for Internet Service Providers.

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