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SAI CD-RW Software Ensures Disk Compatibility Between New CD-MRW And Legacy CD-RW Drives

WriteCD-RW!(TM) Pro v2.0 Reads New "Mt. Rainier" Format CD-MRW Disks In Standard CD-RW Disk Drives. Provides Integrated "Drag & Drop" Read/Write Interface For Standard CD-RW

BOTHELL, WA--(INTERNET WIRE)--Sep 13, 2001-- Software Architects, Inc. (SAI) announced today the release of WriteCD-RW! Pro(TM) version 2.0 for MS Windows(TM) and Apple OS. WriteCD-RW! Pro is the first software in the world that reads disks formatted in new "Mt. Rainier" Format ("CD-MRW" format) drives. Mt. Rainier specification CD-MRW drives are expected to be shipped by leading PC manufacturers this fall. Disks formatted by these new drives cannot be read by standard CD-RW software. The software provides everything you need to set up and run a CD re-writable (CD-RW) drive and use it just like a high capacity floppy disk using conventional UDF formats too.

The Common User Problem: Lack of Reliable Disk Interchange

Although UDF has been widely adopted in the computer industry as a format standard for optical media, different operating systems have implemented different levels of UDF support. UDF implementations provided by various software vendors may or may not fully comply with the UDF standard, resulting in frustrating incompatibility problems that are difficult to diagnose. Users face a difficult problem when attempting to distribute their files on CD-RW disks. Simply using the UDF format for disk interchange is not adequate to ensure the disk will be readable on other computers (more on UDF below).

Making Disk Interchange Work with WriteCD-RW! Pro

WriteCD-RW! Pro provides the most comprehensive solution to disk compatibility problems. Using world's first integrated UDF file system engine that supports all versions of UDF (v1.0.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.0.1 and the special "Mt. Rainier" format that includes a proprietary and a UDF format), and by complying with the UDF Implementation guidelines published by OSTA(see below), WriteCD-RW! Pro empowers users to freely distribute their files on CD-RW disks between all popular desktop operating systems and versions.

Unlike other software products, WriteCD-RW! Pro v2.0 formats CD-RW disks to be read compatible with MS Windows 2000, XP and ME, as well as Apple Mac OS 8 & 9, without requiring special third party device drivers. In addition, the software can read most disks formatted in UDF by third party software such as EasyCD Creator(TM) and Direct CD(TM). The software will also mount and read discs formatted in new CD-MRW disk drives. Conventional third party software will not mount or read CD-MRW format disks, leaving the user with no method of accessing files, or even identifying why there is an incompatibility.

The software includes FixUDF!(TM), a diagnostic and repair utility that can test for errors or defects in a UDF format and directory structure, and repair directory defects. This utility identifies the type and version of the format on the disk, and can repair some third party formats, making the disk read compatible with Windows and Mac UDF operating system readers.

Use your CD-RW disk like a Floppy Disk

Conventional CD-RW mastering applications require opening an application, and performing several operations to create a "virtual disk" file on the internal hard disk that can then be written out to disk. With WriteCD-RW! Pro, the CD-RW disk is represented as a drive letter in Windows or a disk drive icon in Mac OS. The interface behaves just like a hard disk or floppy drive. The user can drag and drop files to write to the disk; point and click to open; and use files as if they were stored on a floppy disk drive. It's that simple!

Compatibility with Legacy Disks:

WriteCD-RW!(TM) Pro reads disks formatted with Adaptec's Easy CD Creator(TM) and Toast(TM) mastering applications. The software also reads CD-RW disks formatted using fixed packet writing by Adaptec's Direct CD(TM) for Windows.

Key Components:

The software includes the WriteCD-RW! read/write file system, packet writing device drivers for various drive protocols, the special Read Mt. Rainier(TM) utility for mounting and reading CD-MRW format disks, and FixUDF!(TM), the diagnostic and repair utility for UDF format disks.

Systems Supported:

WriteCD-RW! Pro v2.0 supports most major suppliers drives using ATAPI and SCSI protocols running on MS Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and Apple Mac OS 8 and 9. Support for many third party FireWire and USB connectors also available. Consult the SAI website for a current list of drives and models supported. Recommend 32 mbytes RAM.

Pricing and Availability

List Price for WriteCD-RW! Pro v2.0 for is $49.95. English, Japanese and Euro versions available September 2001. Check the SAI website for special introductory pricing.

Compatibility & Standards

WriteCD-RW! Pro v2.0 is fully compliant with OSTA UDF implementation guidelines for disk interchange, and is also fully compliant with the Mt. Rainier Group specifications v1.1 for reading CD-MRW disks. Disks formatted with WriteCD-RW! Pro are read compatible with MS Windows and Mac OS UDF readers.

What is the UDF Format?

UDF stands for the "Universal Disk Format" and file system. It is the key software technology underlying optical disc format standards for digital convergence. Based on the International Standards Organization's (ISO) ISO-13346 standard, and the Optical Storage Technology Association's (OSTA) Implementation Guidelines for disk interchange, the UDF format ensures that optical discs can be properly used on all types of computer systems as well as future consumer digital appliances. UDF is fast becoming the industry standard for CD-RW drives and other mass storage devices.

About SAI

Software Architects, Inc. develops and publishes system level utility software and specialty applications for personal computers. The company applies its file system, device driver and image enhancement technology to address the integration and ease of use of input and storage devices with personal computers.

Founded in 1987, the company has over fourteen years of experience in licensing its technology to OEM manufacturers and systems integrators worldwide. As a member of the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA), CDs 21 and the DVD Forum, SAI plays a leading role in the application of the Universal Disk Format technology for a variety of computer and consumer applications.

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