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Roxio is threatening Poikosoft over "Easy CD" look/sound-alike
Jukka Poikolainen, the author of Easy CDDA Extractor, has been contacted by a legal firm which represents Roxio, Inc. In the letter he received they claim that Easy CDDA Extractor sounds too similar to Easy CD Creator, which is a trademark of Roxio.

They further claim that the two products are designed to perform the same functions which is ridiculous as Easy CDDA Extractor is mainly used to extract data from a CD and EasyCD Creator is mainly to create CD's.


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The response from Jukka Poikolainen to the allegation has been: "Basically I told them to go **** themselves"

As the letter are dated on 10th of October and Easy CDDA Extractor still exists after the 30 days deadline, this means that Roxio is preparing to do battle...

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