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Macrovision Announces SafeAudio Version 3

SafeAudio V3 to Showcase at MIDEM 2002, Stand R29.01

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Jan. 20, 2002--Macrovision Corporation, the worldwide leader in video, software and audio copy protection and digital rights management technologies, announced today that its SafeAudio(TM) Version 3 Audio CD Copy Protection solution is now available for worldwide implementation. SafeAudio Version 3 will be showcased at MIDEM 2002 -- Stand R29.01, Cannes, France. January 20-24.

SafeAudio is a 100% software-based, audio copy protection solution for music CDs, jointly developed by Macrovision and TTR Technologies. SafeAudio ensures excellent playability across all playback platforms and causes unauthorized copies to lose their entertainment value.

Version 3 offers the following new features:

  • New patent-pending "AudioLok(TM)" technologies offer increased protection and finely tunable multi-level security options
  • Support for multi-session CDs with third party Digital Rights Management (DRM) options, allowing "fair use" by consumers on PCs and digital audio players
  • Enhanced mastering, verification and testing tools requiring no change or addition to existing production lines

"Compatibility has always been Macrovision's highest design goal and in SafeAudio V3 we have achieved this. With over 15 years of experience in copy protection, Macrovision has developed the wide spectrum of copy protection strengths needed by the music industry. The breakthrough with SafeAudio V3 is the ability to selectively implement different levels of security using our `AudioLok(TM)' technologies, by track if needed. SafeAudio V3 offers an integrated copy protection solution that supports DRM technologies," said Brian McPhail, vice president and general manager of Macrovision's Consumer Software Division.

Macrovision's SafeAudio Reseller Program enables CD replicators to provide the SafeAudio V3 copy protection solution to their music customers who want to purchase replication services and audio CD copy protection from a single source.

About Macrovision

Macrovision develops and markets digital rights management, electronic license management and copy protection technologies for the consumer software, enterprise software, video and music markets. Macrovision has its corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., with European headquarters in London and Asia-Pacific headquarters in Tokyo. For more information, go to Search Word: SafeAudio.

Macrovision's other copy protection and digital rights management products include:

  • SafeDisc® CD-ROM copy protection solution has been licensed to over 100 mastering and replication facilities worldwide and has been used on over 100 million discs by major software publishers. Macrovision is developing a SafeAuthenticate(TM) version of SafeDisc that will provide music labels with a local rights authentication option for compressed audio files on CD.
  • SafeWrap(TM) provides tamper-proofing for digital properties, including Internet music player applications.
  • SafeCast(TM) is a comprehensive DRM and security solution for a variety of application, content, and entertainment products, and includes numerous tools and features that help publishers distribute and perform transactions over the Internet using either CD-ROM or electronic software distribution (ESD) and electronic license distribution (ELD) technology.

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