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Vivastar Enhances New DVD Recorder With CD Playback

Vivastar(R) Enhances New DVD Recorder With CD Playback

First Complete DVD Hardware/Software/Media Solution Now Features Playback Capability for CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio and Video-CD

LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER, BOOTH 3559, CENTRAL 1-2, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Vivastar®, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Super High Quality DVD and CD storage media products, today announced that its recently-introduced RS-111 Internal DVD Recorder has been enhanced with full CD playback capability. The announcement, made at the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show, marks an even greater user value for the world's first complete (hardware/software/media) DVD recorder solution.

In less than five years of existence, Switzerland-based Vivastar has become a premier worldwide supplier of digital storage media. The RS-111, scheduled for release next month along with the company's RS-121 External DVD Recorder, will be among the first in the U.S. consumer market to allow consumers to view and/or record movies, video, and more in DVD and CD-Video, as well as to access music and data-based CDs in a wide range of formats.

"Vivastar is continually working to add quality and value to its products. The CD capability for our RS-111 DVD recorder is one more example of this strategy," said Atanas Zafirov, Chairman and CEO of Vivastar AG. "With both CD and DVD compatibility, users will receive the maximum convenience and usability from their desktop PC, at a price among the most competitive on the market."

"Vivastar's DVD recorders have been designed and built with the same Swiss obsession for quality that has put our DVD and CD media at the forefront of the media storage industry," said Adrian Garulay, President and CEO of Vivastar USA. "This new CD/DVD device extends our benchmarks for both affordability and performance, giving consumers a complete hardware-and-software media solution with all the power and versatility they're looking for."

The RS-111 Internal DVD Recorder records 120 minutes of high-quality video onto a single 4.7 GB DVD-R disc, making it a practical choice for recording movies as well as other consumer and professional audio, video, and/or graphics information. The device reads all CD disc formats including CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio, and Video-CD at rates as high as 24X (3600 kB/sec).

Along with the RS-121 External DVD Recorder, Vivastar's RS-111 unit conforms to standards set by the DVD Forum, a worldwide consortium of DVD manufacturers and technologists. Both units burn DVD-R discs at 1X (DVD-R) [ and 2X (DVD-RAM)] with a maximum read rate of 4X (DVD), and feature disc- at-once and incremental writing methods. The RS-121 sports a streamlined futuristic design and Firewire interface, while the space-saving RS-111 helps keep smaller desktops free of additional equipment.

In-House Manufacturing Assures Stable Supply

Unlike other DVD recorder manufacturers that must rely on outside sourcing, Vivastar uses only in-house components in all critical areas of its products. The RS-121 and RS-111 contain patented chips and lasers designed and manufactured internally; these parts, among others, enable Vivastar to keep costs low and avoid disruptions in production.

"Just as with our digital storage media, Vivastar is committed to managing the cost structure and delivery schedule of its DVD recorders through total in-house fabrication," said Garulay. "We believe our methods have been the secret to our worldwide growth to this point, and they will guarantee our distribution channels the pricing flexibility and assured supply necessary to be successful at retail."

Retail Promotional Support Offered

Vivastar will back the launch of its DVD Recorders with a comprehensive advertising and sales promotion campaign for retailers. Co-op advertising support is available as well as in-store displays and other support materials.

U.S. retailers already committed carrying to Vivastar's new DVD recorders include BrandsMart, TigerDirect, Datavision, RCS Computer Experience, and Electronic Boutique. Additional deals with other major mass retailers are currently in negotiation. In Canada, Vivastar products are available through Azerty United, the country's largest one-stop wholesale source for computer and office supplies and equipment.

Europe's Only DVD Media Producer

In December 2001, Vivastar began shipping its 4.7 GB DVD-R storage discs to the U.S. The company remains Europe's sole producer of DVD media, offering products including CD-R (700MB, 80 min., both 2x-16x compatible) and CD-RW (650MB, 74-min., 1x-10x compatible) varieties. For the high-end user, two CD-R Audio products (650MB, 74-min. and 700MB, 80-min., both 1x-8x compatible) are offered that are compatible with Philips International's professional- grade audio CD technology.

The company expects to extend its line of writeable DVD media with the addition of DVD-RW and DVD+RW storage discs in the near future.

Executives Available to Comment on Compatibility Issues

Representatives of Vivastar's management will be available to the press for background interviews in Las Vegas. Topics of interest include: the question of compatibility between DVD-R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW media; the current state of development of DVD recording technology; the capabilities and advantages of the self-developed software solutions of Vivastar; and the technological strides made by Vivastar in the DVD market.

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About Vivastar:

Based in Zug, Switzerland, Vivastar AG is a leading provider of digital storage technology and related products. Dedicated to exceptional research and development as well as in-house manufacturing and proprietary materials, Vivastar offers Super High Quality (SHQ) DVD and CD storage products for the mass market at competitive prices via leading retailers around the world. The company was founded in May, 1997 and is ISO-9001 certified. Vivastar bases its North American operations from offices in Plainville, Massachusetts. For more information about Vivastar AG, visit the company Web site on or call (508) 699-2211 in the U.S.

SOURCE: Vivastar

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