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CyberLink Previews PowerDVD Version 2.0 at Coming Computex Show
TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- CyberLink Corp., a leading software developer in video and audio technologies will be previewing CyberLink PowerDVD 2.0 for the first time at the coming Computex.

CyberLink PowerDVD is a DVD software player that enables enriched DVD titles playback on the personal computer. Ever since its first introduction last April, PowerDVD has soaring market shares due to its high video and audio performance and outstanding hardware compatibility that has gained recommendations from its users. According to Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink, "PowerDVD is currently the top selling software DVD player and the most welcomed DVD solution by quality-demanding users. Together with the new features added in version 2.0, PowerDVD will be the most complete software solution to enable DVD on the PC."

New features of PowerDVD 2.0 includes:

DirectShow Compatible

PowerDVD 2.0 will not only allow users to playback movie titles but also allow users to enjoy DVD game and other DVD contents as well. This feature makes PowerDVD a complete playback and navigation software solution for all types of DVD titles.

Pan-Scan / Letterbox Playback Option

Most DVD movie titles come in 16:9 widescreen mode. In order to view these titles there are two approaches; the Letterbox mode or Pan-scan mode. Most DVD players in the PC environment only supports the Letterbox mode for 16:9 widescreen titles, meaning that black stripes are added at the top and the bottom of the video in order to fit in the 4:3 full screen.

Now, PowerDVD features the Pan-Scan mode that resizes the 16:9 widescreen video to fill in 4:3 full screen. According to Jean Lin, Product Manager of CyberLink PowerDVD, "PowerDVD automatically detects the video screen size of the DVD title. The Pan-Scan mode option will be available only when the widescreen video is detected."

Motion Compensation Support

One of the many features of PowerDVD is its strong compatibility with hardware devices. According to Alex Weng, Project Manager of PowerDVD, "PowerDVD supports a long list of display chipsets and accelerator cards and we have added support of the Motion Compensation interface unit in ATI RagePro / RagePro LT, SiS6326, S3 Savage3 and Savage4." This feature fully utilizes the hardware capabilities to speed up video data transmissions and to deliver smooth video playback on the personal computer.

Video Frame Multiple Buffering Technique

PowerDVD version 1.6 enhances video playback by utilizing video frame multiple buffering technique, a video data transmission mechanism to improve the delivery and synchronization of decoded video data, which totally eliminates video tearing.

Smoother Delivery in 3-2 Pulldown Mode

Most DVD movie titles are typically at video frame rates of 24 fps. PowerDVD version 1.6 has enhanced the algorithm to perform 3-2 pulldown process, to accommodate the appropriate video length from the 24fps progressive scan from film under PC environment.

Include OnNow Power Management Support

PowerDVD disables system suspend/display suspend while video is playing to avoid power saving mode of the computer and avoid screen savers to activate.

Support Multi-channel Dolby Digital output to Four / Six Speakers

In addition to its support of Dolby Digital Audio, QSurround audio and S/P DIF audio, PowerDVD now offers multi-channel Dolby Digital output to support four speakers audio systems.

Recently CyberLink has worked with a number of hardware manufacturers to add more support on other audio chipsets and sound card such as the Creative PCI 64 / PCI 128, Fortemedia 801A and CMI8338 chipsets and the FIC Golden Melody Hi-Five sound card using Maestro-2E chipset. "Support of these chipsets and sound cards are tailored made according to each client's requests when bundling with their hardware devices," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "This fully demonstrates our capability in delivering customized solution to meet each client's requirements to add on value to their products."

Basically, in the retail version, PowerDVD automatically detects the type of sound card installed in the PC and highlights the 4-speaker option. This feature enhances audio performances to bring full enjoyment of DVD movie titles from the personal computer.

 For more information, contact:  Manal Ma,

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Welcome to CyberLink's booth B401 At the coming Computex

SOURCE: CyberLink Corporation

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