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Trident Cyber9525DVD(TM) Designed in to Acer Notebooks
SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Trident Microsystems, Inc. today announced that the Cyber9525DVD graphics chip has been designed in to handle the graphics tasks of the Acer TravelMate 330 notebook computers.

"Trident has created a competitive graphics controller roadmap for the notebook market. We selected their high-performance 3D chip because it handles large amounts of data at low power consumption. We can differentiate our notebooks by pointing to the quality and speed of the graphics, and the no-compromise 3-hour battery life that's unique in the thin and light segment," said Campbell Kan, senior product manager of portable products at Acer.

The Cyber9525DVD(TM) is a high-performance, multimedia LCD flat-panel 3D notebook graphics controller with 2.5MB of embedded SDRAM. Trident's Cyber9525DVD true AGP improves 3D performance over competitive products that only provide frame-based AGP with no access to the system memory for 3D textures. The chip's small footprint, low power consumption and powerful graphics engine is a feature-rich package that enhances the multimedia capability of the TravelMate 330.

In addition to the on-chip high-performance single-cycle 3D graphics engine, the Cyber9525DVD also incorporates Trident's proprietary THAMA (Trident Hardware-Assisted MPEG-2 Acceleration) architecture which enables full DVD player with AC3 Direct support. THAMA offers full-motion 30fps playback with 9.8Mbps VBR (variable bit-rate) movie clips on the notebook's Pentium II 300MHz. The TrueVideo® accelerator provides high-quality video capture/playback, supports two independent video windows, and dual display for presentations on various display devices including TFT/DSTN, CRT, and TV.

"We are pleased that Acer has embraced the Cyber9525DVD. Cyber9525DVD has already secured a number of significant design wins for Trident. Embedding memory, supporting the AGP and integrating DVD hardware assist on the graphics controller lowers the number of devices required. This combination is the key to the latest ultra-slim notebook designs, and permits Acer to offer an advanced 3D notebook with stunning graphics. The Acer TravelMate 330 notebook line is a very attractive package with superior performance figures," said Mr. Frank Lin, Trident's President and CEO.

Trident Microsystems, Inc., with headquarters in Santa Clara, California provides digital media for the masses. Trident's products are sold through a network of OEMs, original design manufacturers and system integrators worldwide. For further information about Trident and its products please consult the company's Web site:

Founded in 1976 with worldwide headquarters in Taiwan, the Acer Group is the third largest PC manufacturer in the world. The Acer Group maintains more than 28,000 employees who staff 120 enterprises in 44 countries, supporting dealers and distributors in over 100 countries worldwide. Producing and marketing a wide variety of computer products to end-users and resellers, Acer supports such a diverse range of products by manufacturing motherboards, DRAM, CD-ROM and CD-RW drives, ASICs, BIOs, memory products, and other primary components. Acer factories are certified ISO-compliant, the highest standard awarded by the Bureau Veritas Qualitas International, and the Acer Group is publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (2306). For more information about The Acer Group, please visit its Web site at

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SOURCE: Trident Microsystems, Inc.

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