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Interactive Alert! - Fans Get to Remix Art of Noise Single in Online Contest

Winner Gets Their Version on The Next Art of Noise 12" Vinyl!

NEW YORK, July 16 /PRNewswire/ -- The Art of Noise are giving their fans the chance to create their own remix of the song "Dreaming In Colour" off of the band's just-released CD, THE SEDUCTION OF CLAUDE DEBUSSY (ZTT/UNIVERSAL). "Dreaming In Colour" features the vocal stylings of Donna Lewis and will be the band's next single off the new album. Fans will be able to download multi-tracks of the song using a complimentary edition of Mixman Studio Software.

Mixman Studio, created by San Francisco-based Mixman Technologies Inc., is a virtual remixing application for the Windows platform. Using a turntable analogy, it powerfully simplifies the remixing process, allowing a fan to create their own custom remixes and upload them to Radio Mixman on the web in RealAudio format. No previous remixing or music experience is required. Everything the fans need to enter the contest can be found at (click on "remix contest") at no charge.

When the fans have their remixes completed, they can upload them to the Mixman radio site where a special Art of Noise channel is being created. Anyone can visit the site to hear the remixes and vote on their favorite one. "It's truly a fan driven event," said Universal Records Marketing Director Erin Yasgar. "We're excited to give them the opportunity to interact with the band's music in an entirely new way."

One lucky winner will receive the chance to have their remix heard by the masses. The band will place the winning remix on a 12" vinyl pressing that will be distributed for promotional use in the US and the UK. Runners up will receive copies of Mixman Studio Pro software and year-long subscriptions to "Spin" magazine. The contest is sponsored by Mixman, the Art of Noise, ZTT/Universal Records and, and can be accessed through the following urls:;

For more information, please contact Ken Weinstein at Big Hassle Media at 212-627-5919 ([email protected]) or Ginger Greager at Universal Records at 212-373-0683 ([email protected]).

SOURCE: Universal Records

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