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Adaptec DirectCD 3.0 Delivers Increased Capacity, Performance & Longer Disc Life
MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 14, 1999--The latest version of DirectCD, Adaptec's software product that makes a CD-R/RW drive as easy to use as a floppy drive, now offers compression for CD-RW, improved Universal Disc Format (UDF) Reader support, and enhanced ScanDisc capability.

"As CD-R/RW technology surges in popularity, our customers are calling for greater capacities and greater sophistication of features along with increased ease-of-use," said Tom Shea, general manager for the software products group at Adaptec. "Version 3.0 will only add to CD-R/RW's stature as the leading choice for removable storage."

With compression, CD-RW discs can now hold up to twice as much data. In addition, discs last longer because compressed files take up less space, so the disc is re-written less often, resulting in less wear.

Improved support for UDF means that when users format a disc using DirectCD 3.0, the UDF Reader installer is placed on that disc. This makes installation of the UDF reader to a PC automatic. In turn, this allows CD-RW discs to be readable on PCs with MultiRead CD-ROM drives, without the need for the user to manually install a UDF reader.

Improvements to DirectCD 3.0's ScanDisc, a data recovery utility, include support for CD-RW, in addition to the previously supported CD-R media.


Adaptec's DirectCD 3.0 will be available to drive manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in September 1999.

About Adaptec, Inc.

Adaptec moves the world's information with host bus adapters, RAID, and software products that speed data to and from computers, peripherals, and networks. Founded in 1981 and with headquarters in Milpitas, Calif., Adaptec is a global design, manufacturing, sales, service, and distribution company. More information on Adaptec's CD-Recordable software is available at or for other Adaptec products visit our web site at

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