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COMO and Stream Machine Team Up To Provide Real Time VCD/DVD Recorder

The [email protected] Recorder, Based on Variable Bit Rate Video Codec, Provides Highest Quality and Reliability in a Use-Anywhere Format

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 10, 1999-- COMO (Computer & Motion) GmbH, provider of innovative desktop video editing solutions, today announced a device for real time recording of video material to CD-R/W or DVD in a standalone format that avoids software-dependency and hardware incompatibility.

The recorder called [email protected] is made possible by Stream Machine's SM2210 variable bit rate video codec. The [email protected] contains a complete solution for recording and playing MPEG-2 audio/video and, by using standard PC CD R/W writer or DVD recorder technology, is very attractively priced.

"The [email protected] provides an innovative solution that can be used anywhere," said Frithjof Becker president of COMO. "We chose Stream Machine's SM2210 video codec because we needed to provide the capability for high quality, real time video documentation at an attractive price point."

Latest MPEG-2 Encoder/Decoder Technology

Stream Machine's SM2210 video codec supports real-time MPEG-2 video encoding and decoding using a variable bit rate (VBR) MPEG-2 encoding technique that, at the same average bit-rate, provides higher video quality than traditional constant bit rate (CBR) MPEG-2 encoding.

"The SM2210 offers the latest MPEG-2 encoder/decoder technology," said Dr. Michael Canning, president and CEO of Stream Machine, "and COMO has used our video codec to provide the first high-quality, standalone solution for recording and playing MPEG-2 audio/video."

COMO Demonstrates [email protected] IBC 99 in Amsterdam

COMO will demonstrate the standalone video recorder at the International Broadcast Convention (IBC 99), in Amsterdam, held September 11 through September 14.


COMO's [email protected] will be available in the fourth quarter of 1999. End user price is expected to be similar to the price of a S-VHS recorder.

COMO's [email protected]

The [email protected] has been designed for applications in entertainment and in any situation where high-quality, real time video documentation is a must. The standalone device provides complete digital VCD, S-VCD, audio CD and DVD capability.

The [email protected], as a standalone device, avoids the PC-based problems of incompatible software and hardware. It comes with a user-friendly interface -- that will be familiar to users of VCRs and CD players - with standard play, stop, pause, record, etc. functions. The [email protected] also comes with an RS-232 interface that will allow integration into a studio or PC environment.

About COMO Computer & Motion GmbH

COMO Computer & Motion GmbH was founded 1990. COMO develops and distributes products to connect PC and video in all possible ways. COMO is based in Raisdorf/Kiel Germany and is owned by Aver Media Technology Group and MD's Norman Schlomka and Frithjoh Becker.

Today COMO's engineers are working on a third generation of the Videomixer VideoX3, on MPEG-2 solutions and on several other special applications. For more detailed information, please check our home page at

About Stream Machine Company

Stream Machine Company provides digital entertainment solutions for the consumer electronics market. Stream Machine specializes in semiconductor product solutions using standards-based digital audio/video compression algorithms.

The company has developed a unique architecture and a series of proprietary algorithmic techniques to enable real-time recording and playback of MPEG-2 digital video. Additional information on Stream Machine can be found on the home page at

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