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Innogear Minijam MP3 Player and the Infomitt Pager

Innogear, the creative force behind the GoType! Keyboard, creates MP3 audio and low cost paging for the Springboard expansion platform

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 14, 1999-- Innogear (formerly known as Parallel Design), a developer of hardware accessory solutions for the Palm Computing® Platform and the inventor/patent holder of the popular GoType! Keyboard, announces today two new products for Handspring's Springboard(tm) expansion slot.

The Handspring Springboard(tm) Expansion Slot offers a convenient and elegant way to attach hardware devices to the new Handspring Visor(tm) personal organizer from both a mechanical and electrical standpoint.

Bob Fullerton, founder and president of Innogear ( ), states that "From our initial meetings with Handspring, we were excited about the potential of the Springboard platform for the developer community. We are pleased to be one of the first developers to deliver this innovation to the consumers."

"Innogear's upcoming MP3 player and pager modules are great examples of the many types of consumer-focused handheld solutions Handspring is enabling with the Springboard expansion platform," said Ed Colligan, vice president of marketing and development for Handspring, Inc. "We're glad to have Innogear as an early development partner. Their expertise in product design and technical innovation is helping us realize the potential of Springboard and our new Visor products."

Support for Audible Spoken Audio

"As a leader in the digital delivery of spoken audio programming to portable devices, Audible is excited about MiniJam for the Handspring(tm) Visor(tm) and is working closely with Innogear to ensure that it is AudibleReady(tm)", said Travis Millman, VP of Business Development for Audible Inc. "We look forward to introducing Audible's Internet audio service to Handspring and MiniJam customers."

The Products

MiniJam Digital Audio (MP3) Player and Voice Recorder for the Handspring Visor.

Innogear's MiniJam, for the Handspring Springboard platform is both an MP3 Player and voice recorder. Minijam allows you to playback and listen to the popular MP3 format and Audible's spoken audio format as well as record voice messages. MiniJam stores the files on its internal (64 megabytes) or external memory (memory card), thus freeing up the Visor memory. Also bundled with the product is desktop software, which lets you manage your MP3 audio files and Audible audio files on a desktop computer and then transfer them via the USB Visor cradle.

The desktop software will also allow you to create MP3 files from your favorite CDs (also known as CD "ripping, which can then be transferred to the MiniJam for playback. The user interface software that comes with MiniJam runs on the Visor and provides large display file management and playback control. Convenient buttons on top of the MiniJam provide standard "CD Player" like control of your listening experience (play, pause, next track, previous track, volume, etc.). A headphone jack is also on the top for use with the provided ear bud headphones.

MiniJam receives its power from Visor. A power management system will insure that users do not run down the Visor batteries. For extended play, an auxiliary DC-IN jack will allow the user to use a variety of optional external power sources including an AC Wall Adapter, a car cigarette lighter adapter, and a cable for use with power jacks that are available on the seats of many major airlines.

Other options include a convenient carrying case that holds the Visor and the MiniJam and has easy access to the control buttons and headphone/DC-IN jacks, as well as a complete "car kit" which provides external power and playback through the car audio system.

MiniJam will ship with 64 megabytes of internal memory and Price point TBA. Shipping Early 2000.

InfoMitt: The Pager for the Springboard platform

InfoMitt, with its ultra low cost point of $49.95 SRP, provides a very compact pager solution for the Handspring Visor. Not only does InfoMitt receive alphanumeric pages it also can receive email and very cool content in the form of "electronic magazines" when the user signs up for service with Global Access ( The standard electronic magazines will have news, weather, sports, etc... Other companies will be providing additional content as well. The result is very low cost, wireless connectivity with informative content.

The paging application that is bundled with InfoMitt is the popular PageNOW! from Mark/Space Software ( ). PageNOW! provides the "inbox" for all incoming messages and give the user the ability to reply and then send using any Springboard Compatible wireless or landline modem. PageNOW! can also wirelessly update the Visor Address Book or Calendar when messages are received in the popular vCard or vCal format for transmission of business cards and appointments.

InfoMitt will be shipping late 1999.

To find out more exciting information about cutting edge technology by Innogear, go to .

For more information on Handspring, Visor and the Springboard platform, visit

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