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Nero Burning Rom now contains Twin Audio Encoding Engines
Press Release Date   September 21, 1999



Ahead Software have announced the upgrade to Nero, the award winning CD-Recording software which now contains audio encoding both to MP3 format and to Windows Media Audio ( MS Audio).

The new MP3 encoder which has been developed by Fraunhofer, the inventors of MP3 and is 10 times faster than real-time on a Pentium III 500; a typical 3 minute 40 second track can be encoded in less than 25 seconds.

Essentially audio tracks can be "ripped" into Nero and encoded to either format before saving to hard drive. The previous version of Nero supported on the fly decoding of MP3 files to CDR and now Microsoft's WMA files can be decoded in a similar way.

The MP3 encoding engine uses the very latest audio codec technology capable of superior quality with no speed sacrifice. Up to 30 tracks can be encoded to MP3 using this version of Nero. Plug-ins with unlimited track encoding are soon to be available for the Ahead website.

Compressed audio formats such as MP3 are becoming increasingly popular for Internet and consumer users. Nerošs ability to offer high quality encoding, decoding and CD burning within the same application ensures a trouble free process through to CD creation.

Other enhancements with the latest version include video CD support and the integration of the Nero Easy Wizard for step by step CD recording.

Compressed Mpeg 1 video streams can be brought into Nero and burned directly to CD in White Book or Video CD 2.0 format. Likewise the Nero Wizard is a fast and user friendly approach to the recording process. Even a first time user can be writing CD's in a matter of minutes. For the more intensive user Nero Wizard also represents the fastest way to create CD's in a hurry.

The upgrade is free to all registered users of version

Ahead's Jim Corbett comments:
"methods of music distribution are changing very rapidly with growing awareness of MP3 and CD writing, our objective is to remain at the forefront of these developments and develop intuitive products that also help to grow the market through accessibility and ease of use"

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