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Plextor Bundles 8X CD-Recording Drives With Free Award-Winning 40X CD-ROM Drive

Plextor Power Performance Pack Offers Unparalleled Value In Two Convenient Versions for a Limited Time

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 20, 1999--Plextor® Corp., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance CD-related equipment and software, today announced the immediate availability of the Plextor Power Performance Pack. This innovative hardware and software bundle comes in two different versions to meet specific customer needs. The first version features a PlexWriter(TM) 8/20 CD-Recordable drive and a free UltraPleX(TM) 40max CD-ROM drive, the recent winner of the PC World Class '99 Award. The second version features a PlexWriter 8/2/20 CD-ReWritable drive and a free UltraPleX 40max CD-ROM drive.

With respective list prices of $490 and $530, which are roughly equal to the list prices of the PlexWriter 8/20 CD-Recordable drive and PlexWriter 8/2/20 CD-ReWritable drive, Plextor Power Performance Packs give buyers the high-performance UltraPleX 40max CD-ROM drive for free. Both versions of the Plextor Power Performance Pack are aimed at users who want the performance and reliability of a high-end CD-Recording drive but have been reluctant to purchase because of concerns about expense.

"Plextor has always been associated with high product quality and outstanding performance in the CD drive category," said Howard Wing, vice president of sales and marketing for Plextor. "Now we are offering an incredible value with the Power Performance Packs. These packages represent an ideal buying opportunity for anyone who has been thinking about purchasing a CD-Recordable or CD-ReWritable drive for data archive, backup, storing documents and photographs, creating audio CDs, or any other data storage application."

"For audiophiles and audio professionals, the PlexWriter 8/2/20 is the ultimate CD burner," said Glenn Meadows, Vice President of Emerald Entertainments Masterfonics Mastering Division. "The BleR (block error rate), a measure of the quality of the actual CDR/CDRW cut, is consistently lower and the audio quality on playback, even on low quality CD players, is better than anything I've found to date. Plextor's control of the inter-pit timing at all speeds is superb. Overall, this is a quality product from a quality company."

A choice of high-performance drives

At the heart of the Plextor Power Performance Pack is the versatile PlexWriter 8/2/20 CD-ReWritable drive, which records CD-R discs at 8X speeds and plays back both CD-R and CD-ROM discs at 20X max with a very fast 170ms average access time. CD-RW media can be written at 2X and read back at 8X for quick restoration of backed up data.

The PlexWriter 8/20 CD-Recordable drive records CD-R discs at 8X speeds and plays back both CD-R and CD-ROM discs at 20X max. Fast SCSI burst rates of 10MB/sec for both recording and playback functions translate into efficient utilization of the SCSI bus and more time for managing other recording functions.

The award-winning UltraPleX 40max CD-ROM drive spins CD media at speeds over 8000 RPM and supports Ultra SCSI burst transfer rates of 20MB/sec - the maximum bandwidth for a standard 8-bit bus. The UltraPleX 40max allows fast and worry-free use of the latest generation of ReWritable media. It also delivers an industry leading average random access time of 85ms for all media types.

Plextor Power Performance Pack Includes Software

Both versions of the Plextor Power Performance Pack include several valuable software titles. PlextorManager 2000(TM) is a comprehensive suite of applications that allow users to control audio management, playback, recording, and drive settings. CD Res-Q(TM) is a hard drive disaster recovery software that stores an entire hard disk as an image file on secure CD-R media. The software can backup virtually any size hard drive and can create bootable CDs to allow for "one-step" restore. Both comprehensive Plextor Power Performance Packs also include CD mastering and packet writing software.

Pricing and Availability

Both versions of the Plextor Power Performance Pack are currently shipping, but are available for a limited time only. The PlexWriter 8/2/20 version has a list price is $530; the PlexWriter 8/20 version has a list price of $490. All retail packages contain CD mastering, packet writing, PlextorManager 2000 and CD Res-Q software.

About Plextor

Plextor Corp. is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance CD-related equipment for professional use in business and networked environments. Since opening its headquarters in Silicon Valley in 1990, Plextor has introduced sixteen generations of CD-ROM drives, three CD-Recordable drives, two CD-ReWritable drives and a complete line of networking products. Plextor's product line is supported by their customized software utilities such as CD Res-Q and PlextorManager 2000.

The company is privately owned by its parent corporation, Shinano Kenshi of Japan, a developer and manufacturer of advanced technology hardware and precision electronic equipment. Shinano Kenshi is best known for its expertise in motor manufacturing.

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