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H&A Media Consult presents smallest CD-ROM: card.21-XS
MUNICH, Germany, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Munich-based multimedia agency H&A Media is presenting card.21-XS, the world's smallest, fully functional CD-ROM, at this years COMDEX Trade Fair in Las Vegas, November 15-19. Booth number 1675; EXPO-Hall.

Having presented its rounded, credit-card sized "Promotion for the 21st Century", its card.21 classic, last year, H&A is now offering a completely rectangular extra small version with up to 12 MB of multimedia data.

Unlike the other rectangular CD-ROM business cards on the market, card.21 features greatly reduced air turbulence and therefore no audible increase of noise. Due to its miniature size of just 53, 5mmx69, 5mm and approx. 6g in weight including the fully labeled cardboard cover, card.21 is specially suitable for cheap mass shipping.

H&A Media Consult is also presenting a recordable version of its business-card sized CD up to recently only available in its ROM version. While card.21 -- CD-ROM was tailored to the needs of first-rate companies with high demands in output numbers and standardized software contents, the CD-R version, playable in almost any conventional CD-recorder, is aimed at the necessities of small agencies and individual multimedia buffs. Card.21 makes it possible to realize small personalized editions with frequently changing software contents.

Due to its special surface coating, card.21 recordable can be printed on using one of the new printers capable of CD printing plus an adapter. Conventional inkjet printer owners are offered self-adhesive labels as well as special label print software which will be available soon.

Card.21-recordable offers a wide range of applications. No matter whether professional company or product presentation, digital photo album, multimedia job application form or party invitation, its 20MB storage capacity lets users make the best of their creativity.

    COMDEX Trade Fair; Las Vegas November 15-19; Booth Nr. 1675 Expo Hall

    Technical Specifications:
    card-21-XS & card.21-recordable
    All conventional CD-ROM drives that play Mini CDs (80mm), therefore large
     user basis
    Size/ Storage Capacity
    53,5mmx69,5mm/ 12 MB / card21-XS (rectangular)
    57mmx80mm/ 20MB/ card.21-recordable (rounded)
    H&A Media Consult GbR
    managing director: Dipl-Kfm. Michael Holz founded autumn 1996
    Ten-people core team + freelancer pool with emphasis on CD special
     productions/ multimedia productions
    Reference customers: WestLB, Volkswagen AG, ThyssenKrupp, Hoechst AG,
     Bosch, Telecom, Blaxxun Interactive and many others.
    Cooperation Partner: Sonopress GmBH (Bertelsmann)/ KDG Mediatech AG

SOURCE: H&A Media Consult

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