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Iomega External USB ZipCD CD-RW Drive

New ZipCD(TM) Drive Delivers Plug-and-Play Compatibility With Any Windows Personal Computer

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15, 1999-- Iomega Corporation, a leader in smart, portable storage solutions, today introduced the ZipCD(TM) external Universal Serial Bus (USB) CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) drive that enables customers to record, create, share and archive up to 650MB of data on a common CD format. Iomega's ZipCD drives are high-capacity, easy-to-use and ideal for saving and sharing original music, personal photos, games, Internet content and more.

The ZipCD(TM) 4x4x6 external USB drive offers an innovative external design and complements Iomega's ZipCD 4x4x24 internal drive, introduced in August 1999, providing customers with a choice of optical storage methods.

"Optical storage, especially CDs, are universal. The proliferation of CD-ROM drives provides consumers with a comfort level regarding the CD platform," said Mary Craig, principal analyst, Optical Disk Drives Worldwide at Gartner Group's Dataquest. "Dataquest is projecting continued solid growth in this segment of the optical storage market with CD-RW drive shipments expected to grow to at least 43 million drives in 2003. The leaders in this growing market will be companies with marketing and channels muscle and a strong brand identity."

The ZipCD(TM) external USB drive supports standard CD-Recordable (CD-R), CD-ReWriteable (CD-RW) and CD-Read-Only-Memory (CD-ROM) discs, offering customers a universal platform for organizing and archiving files without cluttering up their hard drive or network. By supporting the USB standard, the ZipCD external USB drive is easy to attach and install to computers and laptops, eliminating the need for larger parallel port or SCSI conversion cables or rebooting the computer.

"Most computer users are familiar with CDs and this new CD-RW storage solution from Iomega allows people to create and share their own customized CDs," said David Gantt, vice president and general manager, optical product management, Iomega Corporation. "Iomega's strong marketing channels and the Zip drive brand strength, coupled with the positive experiences customer's have had with Iomega's Zip and Jaz products, position ZipCD external drive for success."

The ZipCD(TM) external USB drive will begin shipping in Q4, with general availability through retailers, resellers and Iomega's direct sales site,, beginning in January 2000. The ZipCD external USB drive will be available for an estimated street price of $279.95 (U.S.). The ZipCD external USB drive is bundled with an array of user-friendly software tools, including: Adaptec® DirectCD(TM) -- Packet writing software that allows users to manage their files through a simple "drag and drop" process

-- Adaptec® Easy CD Creator(TM) -- CD record/copy software -- Avery® Media Software -- Iomega special edition software to

format CD labels and jewel case inserts -- Iomega® QuikSync -- Software that creates a simultaneous

back-up copy of active files within a user designated folder

"Today, consumers want complete solutions, and our partnership with Iomega delivers on that need," said Tom Shae, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's software products group. "By delivering Adaptec's market leading CD recording software with the ZipCD drives, Iomega provides additional ease of use and value to its customers."

Future Storage Plans

Today, Iomega announced its 4x4x6 personal computer (PC) version of the ZipCD(TM) external USB drive, with the Macintosh® platform to be supported in the first quarter of 2000. Also at Comdex today, Iomega introduced its optical storage strategy, highlighting plans to introduce a full family of optical products over the next year that provide different speeds and support new connectivity options.

ZipCD Enhances Iomega's Existing Storage Family

Iomega offers a family of portable storage solutions to meet a customer's every need. In addition to its optical storage solutions, Iomega offers magnetic storage products, including:

  • The Clik!(TM) drive, offering small-format storage with 40MB capacity for mobile storage and archiving with portable digital products
  • The Zip® drive family, offering 100MB and 250MB capacity of Windows, Macintosh and notebook computers
  • The Jaz® drive family, offering 1GB and 2GB capacity for high performance backup with instant recovery

About Iomega

Iomega Corporation manufactures and markets the award-winning Zip®, Jaz® and Clik!(TM) drives and disks and markets the ZipCD(TM) CD-RW drives and discs that help people to organize, manage, create, exchange and share their important information. Used in homes, businesses, government, education and by creative professionals everywhere, Iomega storage solutions are the enabling technologies preferred by millions. The company can be reached at 1-800-MY-STUFF (800-697-8833), or on the Web at

Special note: Statements contained in this release relating to the expected availability, pricing and functionality of the ZipCD(TM) drive and Iomega's future plans to introduce a family of optical products are forward-looking statements. There are a number of important factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements, including market acceptance of, and demand for, the ZipCD external USB drive, manufacturing issues, including component availability and pricing, development and distribution issues, product pricing and conformity to specifications, competition, intellectual property rights and other risks as identified in Iomega's Annual Report to Stockholders for 1998 on Form 10-K, filed March 26, 1999, and its most recent quarterly reports filed with the SEC.

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