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Microtech PCMCIA/USB CD-RW Drive
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15, 1999--Microtech International Inc. Monday officially announced its newest product, the MicroCD-RW, a slim and light CD-RW drive, at Comdex Fall '99.

CD-RW has rapidly become the preferred data storage option among many computer users, allowing easy archiving of large files on reliable yet inexpensive CD-R and CD-RW media. Most CD-R or CD-RW media currently sell for approximately $2 each, which is inexpensive compared with most other popular media, like superdisks or tapes. Considering the capacity of CD media, it definitely is the least expensive option for external storage available today, especially compared to floppy or even super-floppy alternatives.

Microtech's MicroCD-RW will enable mobile notebook/laptop users to utilize this technology in and out of the office. The rechargeable NiMH battery eliminates the need for an AC adapter, and the slim size, a common characteristic of Microtech products, makes it easy to carry with a notebook/laptop computer. The drive is available in both PCMCIA and USB models, offering interface flexibility.

The MicroCD-RW is scheduled to ship in December 1999. It will be available through fine resellers, retail stores, mail orders and also via Microtech's direct order line. Further information can be obtained by calling Microtech International Inc. toll-free at 800/340-0197, or by visiting the Web site

Microtech International is a manufacturer and OEM developer of storage devices and peripheral products for personal computers and workstations. Since 1985, Microtech has developed an international reputation built on quality products, superior service and excellent client support. Serving numerous areas of the PC market such as educational and government systems, retailers, distributors, mass merchants and Fortune 1000 corporations, our products are aimed towards the ever-growing portable computer market and are all designed with complete mobility and speed in mind. Microtech is involved in a wide variety of computer-based products including, but not limited to, storage devices, portable CD-ROMs, communication devices and video conferencing units.

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