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Nero the first to support the revolutionary technology "BURN-Proof"

Comdex Fall in Las Vegas will see the latest upgrade of Ahead Software's Nero supporting the groundbreaking `BURN-Proof'

KARLSBAD, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 11, 1999-- Developed by Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., Buffer Under RuN-Proof, or just plain BURN-Proof, is set to Rewrite all the books on CD Recording by introducing the ultimate safeguard for anyone making audio or data CD's.

Ahead Software is committed to supporting this technological landmark within applications such as Nero, and other products such as the Nero Media Player.

By completely eliminating the dreaded "buffer under run" in BP (BURN-Proof) enabled CD-R/RW drives, the days of frustrating recording sessions, and wasted discs, are set to become a thing of the past. Since the early days of CD Recording, buffer under run errors have been a constant problem, increasingly making demands on even the most advanced host systems as drive speeds increased. Generally to make a CD-DA/CD-ROM compatible disc, your host system would normally have had to send data faster than the recording speed. However the demands of such tasks as multitasking and on-the-fly audio copying could confine many a set-up with often-meaningless results.

BURN-Proof changes this by completely recovering the Buffer Under Run Error by connecting the error points, where the actual error had occurred. Therefore there is no write error, and no link area with perfect data protection.

Jim Corbett from Ahead says, "The constant throughput of data required to burn CD's can constrain the CD Recording process, and it's often been the case that users have had to resort to writing packet data to avoid buffer errors. Now with BURN-Proof, you have not only the ultimate safeguard to CD creation, but it also opens up the world of high speed CD Recording to a much wider spectrum of host systems. We have little doubt that BURN-Proof will prove to be a CD Recording milestone"

Ahead will show BURN-Proof with Nero on the new 12X `BP' enabled drives at Comdex in its demonstration suite.

About Ahead:- Ahead Software gmbh develops software applications for CD-R/RW, DVD, and Internet Audio, and the company's software products are part of the fastest growing segment in the IT industry. Ahead's product line includes Nero CD Recording software; InCD, UDF packet writing software; and Feurio, CD Recording Audio Software.

Ahead Software, founded in 1995, is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany. (

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