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Philips Launches New CD-RW and DVD-ROM Drives

Philips Electronics Breaks Speed Records With Release of New CD-ReWritable and DVD-ROM Drives

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 16, 1999--Philips Electronics, the co-developer of the CD and the world's largest manufacturer of CD-RWs, today unveiled its newest and fastest addition to its already successful line of CD-ReWritable drives, as well as two new advanced DVD-ROM drives. All three new drives, as well as the existing line of Philips CD-RW and DVD drives, are on display in Philips booth #L4832 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 15-19, 1999.

"Consumers need the fastest high performance drives available to keep up with the ever increasing speed-intensive world of computing today," said Bill Taylor, vice president/general manager, Imaging, Storage, Multimedia, Philips Consumer Electronics. "These drives represent the latest advances in the optical storage market, at the best value."

The Philips PCRW804K ReWritable Drive

The newest addition to the wide variety of Philips CD-ReWritable drives is the PCRW804K. The internal 804K utilizes an IDE/ATAPI interface for direct connection to the motherboard of almost any Pentium PC. The fastest of the Philips drives, the PCRW 804K reads CD-ROMS at 32X, writes at a blazing 8X rate, and rewrites at a 4X rate. For a smooth high-speed data transfer and writing, the Philips drives utilize a 4 MB buffer to reduce buffer underruns. Designed for serious desktop computer use, the PCRW804K offers speedy data storage and retrieval. With the ease-of-use, versatility, and storage capacity that these Philips drives offer, computer users will consider their floppy drives obsolete.

Philips Write2CD® Software

Optical storage is the easiest and most reliable method for saving and exchanging large files, and with Philips' super user-friendly software package bundled with each drive, saving data is even easier. Powered by a CeQuadrat recording engine, the Philips-designed user interface allows users to intuitively write and rewrite multimedia files, backup or archive valuable data, save presentations, and create audio CDs with simple "drag and drop" actions. A "self-launching" feature, which automatically activates the CD recording options menu, enables the computer to recognize blank media inserted into the CD-RW drive. To reduce formatting time, the CD-RW drives offer a 15-second fast format option. Once discs are recognized by the drive, users can copy data one file at a time (TAO), one disc at a time (DAO), or through a multi-session. For maximum data storage, a data compression feature allows storage of more than one Gb on a single CD.

System Requirements

The PCRW804K is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0. Each of the Philips CD-RW 400 Series drives also requires the following minimum system requirements: Pentium Processor (75MHz or above); 16 MB of RAM; 12 MB of space on hard disk for application software; 15 ms access times; and sufficient free space on the hard disk drive for image management.

The Philips PCVD104R and PCVD104K DVD-ROM Drives

Also making its debut are the Philips PCVD104R and PCVD104K DVD-ROM upgrade kits. Enjoy home entertainment by turning your PC into a desktop multimedia theater with the new 10X DVD-ROM products.

With the 10X/40X DVD drive, Philips makes it possible to upgrade a PC with DVD without trading off CD-ROM read-back performance. The drive boasts a maximum data transfer rate of up to 13,580 KBs per second in DVD mode (10X), while offering an incredible maximum data transfer rate of up to 9,600 KBs per second in CD mode (40X).

The PCVD104 will turn an average PC into an engaging, interactive entertainment system, providing seamless, razor-sharp playback of video and sound from both DVD and CD-ROM titles. Consumers can experience the brilliant clarity of DVD-Video movies, play the hottest computer video games, benefit from interactive educational DVD or CD-ROM programs, and listen to all their favorite Audio CDs -- all on their PCs.

The 104K drive features a high-capacity DVD-ROM drive for high-speed data transfer, as well as an MPEG2 board with REALMagic technology that features analog video overlay technology for virtually all VGA cards and Dolby AC-3 with S/PDIF digital audio output. The kit also includes connection cables for TV and application software with a simple-to-operate user interface for playback of DVD-Video titles on a TV or PC. Suggested street price for the PCVD104K DVD-ROM Drive with a REALMagic(TM) MPEG2 board is $249.

The Philips PCVD104R uses a MPEG2 software decoder instead of an additional board, freeing up a PCI slot in your computer and making installation a snap. Estimated street price for the PCVD104R DVD-ROM Drive with software MPEG-2 decoding is $149.

"With this all-in-one kit, users will be able to enjoy next-generation entertainment with high quality video and Dolby Digital sound, bringing a life-like, theatre and gaming experience to the PC," said Taylor. "We expect that with the increased read speeds of these drives, and the explosion of games and movies available on DVD, these drives will provide the customers who want to blur the lines between their home entertainment system and their computer with a logical and valuable upgrade."


The drive is capable of reading all DVD-ROM discs, CD-ROMs, home-made CD-Recordable (CD-R) discs, CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) discs, and all pre-recorded DVD-Video movies and audio CDs.

System Requirements

The PCVD104R is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 95, Windows® 98 or higher. The PCVC104R also requires an Intel® Pentium® 200 MHz or higher (or equivalent), with at least 16 MB RAM, and a sound card 8-bit or 16-bit (recommended for audio playback).

The PCVD104K requires: Microsoft® Windows® 95, Windows® 98 or higher; an Intel® Pentium® 133 MHz or higher (or equivalent); at least 16 MB RAM; Sound card 8-bit or 16-bit (recommended for audio playback); at least 10 MB available hard disk space (for navigator software); one free PCI slot for Hollywood+ card; and one free Enhanced IDE connector.

About Philips

Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is one of the world's biggest electronics companies and Europe's largest, with sales of US$ 33.9 billion in 1998. It is a global leader in color television sets, lighting, electric shavers, color picture tubes for televisions and monitors, and one-chip TV products. Its 230,700 employees in more than 60 countries are active in the areas of lighting, consumer electronics, domestic appliances, components, semiconductors, medical systems, business electronics, and IT services (Origin). Philips is quoted on the NYSE, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and other stock exchanges. News from Philips is located at

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