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RiTEK to Launch Multi-Density CDs at COMDEX 1999
TAIPEI, Taiwan, Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to the continuous expansion of productivity that enhances economies of scale, RITEK Corporation keeps developing new products, maintaining a high level of gross profit. A number of these new products will be launched in the US at COMDEX FALL'99, the world's third largest information technology exhibition in November.

RITEK's growth is generated through continuous product research & development, productivity expansion and cost reduction. The company will show a suite of products at COMDEX FALL '99, which opens on Nov 15, 1999, in Las Vegas. The booth number is Sands Hall 2425G, and the products that will be displayed are: 12X/16X 74min., CD-R for Audio, 80min/99min CD-R/CD-RW, 6cm/8cm CD-R, 13MB Name Card CD-R, 650MB/6X CD-RW, 74min/80min MD, 230MB/640MB/5.2GB MO, 4.7GB DVD-R, 2.6GB/4.7GB/5.2GB/9.4GB DVD-RAM (DVD-RAM with colorful transparent case)/DVD-RW, FreeCut CD, OEL, etc. All are new CD types featuring high density, enabling high gross profit.

RITEK is also establishing a website, combining resources with investment in software. In addition to the production of recording media and LCD components, the company is developing a software and networking business. With the continuous development of new products, aggressive exploration of new markets, and the increase in the weighting of high yield products, RITEK sees a high degree of development potential next year.

With over 2,000 employees and production facilities in Taiwan, Germany, the U.S., Australia and the U.K., RITEK produces around 80 million discs per month. The company reported a profit before tax of NT$3.8 billion (US$119.7 million) and revenue of over NT$9 billion (US$283.5 million) in the first nine months of 1999.

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