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Previous News from:  Februari 1999
28-02-99 Sony's Solution for Music Piracy

MP3 2000

Sony has developed two new protection technologies; "MagicGate" and "OpenMG". "MagicGate" is for the recording and playback devices and OpenMG is for securing PCs. The idea behind these is to "move" the content rather than copy it. They will be using their "Memory Sticks" to storage the music data. Also, "Super MagicGate" is another technology developed by Sony which includes copyright management, electronic distribution, and content protection technologies for distributing digital music content over the Internet
27-02-99 Sony now also going for Gold
Sony is also selling a third kind of CDQ-74CN CD-R's, this one is manufactured by Mitsui - Thanks Romain Pauwels

It is only a bit stupid that Sony is using the same product number CDQ-74CN for three total different types of CD-R's!

CD Dye
Updated the CD Dye article with a (almost) complete list of all dye's that are currently in use.
25-02-99 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures for: Philips CD-R74 Audio HR100 Megalife.
FujiFilm switched to Ritek!
FujiFilm switched from manufacturing their own CD-R's to having them now manufactured by Ritek. This also explains the bad performance that is shown by this CD-R in the CD-R Quality test!
Pirated Dreamcast GD-ROM's

One of the reason Sega is using the GD drives in they Dreamcast console was to prevent illegal copying of their games (as it happend with the Playstation). But it seems that they are now available in Hong Kong.
22-02-99 Imation also using Ricoh in the US
In the US Imation is selling CD-R74's which are manufactured by the Ricoh company. In Europe they are using the ones manufactured by Taiyo Yuden - Thanks Craig Christy
Sony also using Mitsubishi in Europe
Sony is also selling two different kind of CDQ-74CN CD-R's, one manufactured by Taiyo Yuden and the other one by Mitsubishi. Both have been seen here in The Netherlands - Thanks Gregory Hambleton

How to identify which is which:

Manufacturer Jewel Case Inlay Color Jewel Case Nodges Number
lower right corner
Taiyo Yuden White Round 2-449-105-14
Mitsubishi Black Line 2-449-105-18
20-02-99 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures for: Intenso CD-R74 & CD-R80.
Ritek to use the gold dye formula
Ritek, until now, only used the Cyanine (Blue) dye formula to produce their CD-R's (and the ones for Arita, BASF/Emtec, Memorex, Rimax, ...) but now they also are creating disks which are using the Phthalocyanine Type 5 (Gold) dye formula.
Until now the Phthalocyanine dye formula was only used by Mitsui & Kodak, but it seems that they now have also sold/licensed this formula also to Ritek. Maybe now Ritek can produce better quality CD-R's than the ones the have produced sofar!

Intenso is the first company (as far as I can see) which sells CD-R80's which are manuafactured by Ritek using the Phthalocyanine dye.

Banners on the site
You may have noticed the banners on the site, these are here to pay for all the expenses which are made getting all the CD Media's and just being here ;). So if you like the site just click the banner if you want to support it! Thanks in advance!!!
Connection Problems
The last few days the ESWARE.NET server has been down, all problems should be fixed now. A mirror site has been added just incase problems occure again. Just goto the Mirror Sites to get an active site.
CD-R Software releases

CDR-Info Page

Company Product Version
Ahead Nero Burning Rom
17-02-99 IBM, Sony, Hitachi, NEC & Pioneer agree on Watermarking

CNET News.Com

Five leading computer and consumer electronics companies: IBM, Sony, Hitachi, NEC & Pioneer agreed to a common standard for digital "watermarking" technology, a means of creating copyright protections for reproduced digital movies and videos.
Create a Copy Protected CD Update
Updated the Create a Copy Protected CD page, added how to create a Mixed-Mode CD - Thanks uNDeRCoVeR.
15-02-99 Create a Copy Protected CD
Here is a way to Create a Copy Protected CD, it can still be copied but it is harder to acomplish! - Thanks uNDeRCoVeR.
14-02-99 CD-R Identifier
Added CD-R Identifier 1.26 to CD-R Utilities page - Thanks Frank Wolf.
  • Fixed a bug causing "King Pro Mediatek Inc." not to be detected correctly.
  • Added 1 new manufacturer to the list.
Yamaha CRW4416S Firmware update


Yamaha released the 1.0f firmware for the Yamaha CRW4416S CD-ReWriter.
CD-R Software releases

CDR-Info Page

Company Product Version
Erik Deppe CD Speed 99 0.1
CDROM Productions CDR Diagnostic
10-02-99 CD-R Identifier 1.25
Added CD-R Identifier 1.25 to CD-R Utilities page - Thanks Frank Wolf.
  • Fixed a bug printing the minutes of the ATIP in Hex instead of decimal! (No one noticed!)
  • Added 3 new manufacturers to the list.
CD-Cops - Another ready-made protection annihilated
Last week the CD-Cops CD Protection was hacked. A complete overview on how it is done can be found on the fravia's pages of reverse engineering page! - Thanks Caio!
CD-R Software releases

CDR-Info Page

Company Product Version
Golden Hawk Technology CDRWIN 3.7a
09-02-99 CD-R Identifier 1.24
Added CD-R Identifier 1.24 to CD-R Utilities page - Thanks Frank Wolf.
  • Fixed a minor bug introduced with V1.23 which caused the program not to identify wrong data anymore.
  • Added support for more drives using another SCSI-3 command.
08-02-99 CD-R Software releases


Company Product Version
CeQuadrat WinOnCD Yamaha OEM 3.6.401
CeQuadrat WinOnCD Sony OEM 3.6.401
07-02-99 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures for: BASF CD-R Maxima Digital Audio & CD-R Master 74.
CD-R Identifier 1.23
Added CD-R Identifier 1.23 to CD-R Utilities page - Thanks Frank Wolf.
SONY releases SecuROM Release 4
SONY has come up with an updated version of their CD Protection. The SecuROM R4 is used to protect SimCity 3000 - Thanks Juzam.
CD-R Software releases

CDR-Info Page

Company Product Version
DC Software Design CDRcue Cuesheet Editor 1.0b
SEK'D Point CD Audio 32bit 2.5.010
RSJ Software RSJ CD Writer 1.29
IQS Saw Ignition CDR 32bit 1.51
Micro-Magic SCSI Mechanic 2.1d
06-02-99 80 Minutes CD-R's
Added 10 more resellers of 80 minutes CD-R's to the 80 Minutes CD-R list. Now also added which CD-R80 brand(s) they are selling!
CD-R Writer Technology
Added the CD-Writer Technology page which gives an overview of all available CD-Writers on the market today and who are actually making them.
05-02-99 CD-R Software releases

CDR-Info Page

Company Product Version
Feurio Feurio! 1.19
Padus DiscJuggler 1.05.271
NTi NTi CD Maker Pro 3.1.740
04-02-99 Audio CDs to be protected in the Netherlands
Yet another (dutch) article concerning the CD Protection of Audio CD's starting in March.
CD Manufacturers Info
  • Kodak will be producing 80 Minutes CD-R's as soon as possible.
  • Lead Data has seized the production of 74 Minutes CD-R's, from now on they will only produce the 80 Minutes CD-R's. This will also mean that other brands like Lenco are not able to get their CD-R's from the Lead Data plants.

Thanks Hananja van der Lee from Opus Supplies & Ellen Parkes from Websales Distribution for this info.

Oversize a CD-R using DiscJuggler
Updated the OverSize article and added instructions to OverSize a CD-R using DiscJuggler.
02-02-99 CD-R Identifier 1.22
Added CD-R Identifier 1.22 to CD-R Utilities page - Thanks Frank Wolf.
SafeDisc CD Protection hacked!
The guys from Laxity have managed to create an generic patch which bypasses the SafeDisc CD Protection.
01-02-99 CD Info
Received a package from STL Group BV who are the distributor for Lenco here in the Netherlands - Thanks Mart Roodbeen for sending them:
  • Info/Pictures for: Lenco MCD9414 D CD-R74, MCD9415 CD-RW74 & MCD9416 CD-R80
CD-Writer Modifications
Added the CD-Writer Modification: Upgrade a Traxdata CDRW4260 Pro to a Yamaha CRW4260 - Thanks Juzam.
CD-R Identifier 1.20
Added CD-R Identifier 1.20 to CD-R Utilities page - Thanks Frank Wolf.
Audio CDs to be protected in the Netherlands
The Telegraaf today published an (dutch) article in which it says that the music branch is planning to protect their CD's against copying. Which protection will be used or how it will be implemented is not sure as the music branch and the CD-Writer manufacturers agreed, a while back, that it should be possible to make a personal copy of any CD. The European Parlement will have the final decision how to handle this copy "problem".

Het Noordhollands Dagblad also publised an (dutch) article on this matter - Thanks Marcel Reyn.

Already a few Audio CD's surfaced lately, like the Best of George Micheal double CD, which have some kind of protection (unreadable errors) near the end of the CD. The last song is about 5 minutes but it shows up as 7 minutes when you try to make a copy.

Last month BBC Online featured an article on problems related with the Best of George Micheal double CD (made by EPIC, a branch of Sony Music) which can't be played on certain Sony DVD players. It seems that this problem only happens with the Sony DVP S715 and the Sony DVP S315. Other brand DVD players don't have problems playing the CD's - Thanks Gregory Hambleton

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