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Previous News from:  April 1999
30-04-99 CD Software releases

CDR-Info Page

Product Company Version
CDR Diagnostic CDROM Productions
Total Recorder High Criteria 2.0
HotBurn Asimware 1.1
HyCD Play&Record HyCD 2.00.0426
abCD Prassi 1.1
We still get alot of e-mail where the GameCopyWorld has moved to. This should solve the "problem".
The ESWARE server has been moved to another server and somehow the DNS screwed up. It should be fixed again in a few days.
29-04-99 Yamaha CRW4416S/4416E/2216E Firmware update
Yamaha released the Yamaha CRW4416S 1.0g firmware.

The OverSize/OverBurn BUG is still there and it seems they are not willing to fix it... So if you own an older Yamaha CRW4260 then stick with it as the CRW4260 can OverSize/OverBurn perfectly!!!

For those who do not know about this BUG:

  • The CRW4416 is not able to find the Physical end for alot of CD-R's when using the CD-Writer Test-Mode. So if you try to write an 88 minutes CD Image to a 80 minutes CD-R in test-mode it will always succeed but writing the CD-R for real will totally fail... So OverSizing/OverBurning is out of the question for this burner unless you know how much really can fit on the CD-R.

The new firmware mainly solves the problem of the drive not being detected or causing the "blue screen" error when connecting it to the "narrow" bus of Wide or Ultra2 SCSI card. Something they should have fixed months ago!

25-04-99 CD Info
Added CD Info/Pictures for:
24-04-99 CD-R Quality Update
The CD-R Quality page has been totally rewritten because some small computer magazine didn't want us using information from one of their issues from last year. A bit strange as this information is only available on paper as they don't feature it on their site...

The article now holds a more complete list of all available CD-R's and tell what the quality of these CD-R's really is.

19-04-99 GD-ROM Information
Added a seperated GD-ROM Information page which also includes two very interesting "confidential" SEGA presentations: GD-Workshop & GD-Mastering.
18-04-99 CD Info
Added CD Info/Pictures for:
  • Princo CD-RW74 & CD-R80 - Thanks Bill Crackpot.
  • KingTech CD-RW74 Silver - Thanks Bill Crackpot.
More HP CD-Writers on their way
Hewlett Packerd anounced the release of the following CD-ReWriters:
  • HP7500E - 2x (Re)Write and 6x Read - Most likely still based on the Philips CDD3610 drive.
  • HP7510I/E - 2x (Re)Write and 24x Read - Most likely based on the JVC XR-W2080 drive.
  • HP7550I - 2x (Re)Write and 24x Read - Most likely based on the JVC XR-W2080 drive.
  • HP7570I - 2x (Re)Write and 24x Read - Most likely based on the JVC XR-W2080 drive.
  • HP820OI - 4x (Re)Write and 24x Read - It's unknown for now on which drive it will be based.
  • HP821OI - 4x (Re)Write and 24x Read - It's unknown for now on which drive it will be based.
  • HP PLUS M820E - 4x (Re)Write and 20x Read.
CD Software releases

CDR-Info Page

Company Product Version
CeQuadrat WinOnCD 3.6.413
WinOnCD Power Edition
Padus DiscJuggler 1.05.340
CDEveryWhere CDEveryWhere 1.1.3
HyCD HyCD Play&Record 2.0
CD-Writer Technology Update
Updated the CD-Writer Technology with a few more new CD-Writers and corrected a few mistakes. Thanks to everyone sending in comments and information!
15-04-99 CD Software releases
Company Product Version
Golden Hawk Technology CDRWIN 3.7c
14-04-99 CD-Writer Modification
Added the two CD-Writer Modifications:
  • Upgrade the Philips CDRW400/PCA450RW (SCSI) to a Yamaha CRW4416S
  • Upgrade the Philips CDRW400/PCA460RW (IDE) to a Yamaha CRW4416E

These upgrades doesn't change anything to the read/write speed of the drive but it makes it more compatible with the CD-Writer software which doesn't recognize it as being a CD-Writer! And firmware updates are much faster available from Yamaha then from Philips!

13-04-99 Adaptec AHA-2940 Firmware
Added the latest firmware for the Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI Controller version 2.20.0 - Thanks VTeC/Laxity
12-04-99 CD Info
Added CD Info/Pictures for:
  • Ricoh CD-R Type 74R-SG, CD-R Type 74R-SW & Type CD-RW74R-AZ
Buying a CD-Writer Update
The Buying a CD-Writer article has been updated. Now four Best-of-the-Best lists are made which depend on the SCSI/IDE interface and more important the price-range. Also a list is added with CD-Writers which should not be bought as they are not good enough or jyst don't meet the minimum requirement!

Comments are very welcome!

11-04-99 CD Info
Added CD Info/Pictures for:
Very good news: We now have our own domain:

When you go here you will be presented with a list of all available Mirror-Sites. When you choose a mirror this choice will then be save into a "cookie" and next time you visit to the site it will automatically go to the desired mirror.

If your browser doesn't support cookies or Java then don't worry as you will then always be presented with a "normal" Mirror-List.

In the future please bookmark the site and don't link to the mirror sites itself as this won't be possible in the near future!

New HP CD-Writers

Tech Web

In May Hewlett Packerd releases to new CD-Writers to replace their Low-End HP7200 & High-End HP8100 series writers:
  • HP7500E - 2x (Re)Write and 6x Read - Most likely still based on the Philips CDD3610 drive.
  • HP7550I - 2x (Re)Write and 24x Read - Most likely based on the JVC XR-W2080 drive.
  • HP820OI - 4x (Re)Write and 24x Read - It's unknown for now on which drive it will be based.

In July Hewlett Packerd releases a new mobile CD-Writers which will feature both a SCSI & PCMCIA interface:

  • HP PLUS M820E - 4x (Re)Write and 20x Read.

Hewlett Packerd will also enter the DVD+RW market, the drive will be available in the fall.

08-04-99 CD Info
Added CD Info/Pictures for:
  • Panasonic LM-DB26 DVD-RAM & LM-DA52 DVD-RAM
DVD-Writer Technology
Added the DVD-Writer Technology page which contains the same kind of information as the CD-Writer Technology page. It features all available DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW & DVD+RW drives on the market today!
04-04-99 CD Info
Added Info/Pictures for:
03-04-99 CD Info
Added CD Info/Pictures for:
Mitsumi CR-2801 Petition
Mitsumi seems to have updated the firmware for this CD-Writer so it supports DAO and 2x ReWriting. They are using this firmware in the CR-2802 model, which seems to be a rebadged CR-2801. This firmware should be adapted so it also work for the CR-2801 but they are not willing to do this. Therefor the Definitive Mitsumi CDR Resource site has started a Petition. So if you own a CR-2801 go and add you name to the petition!
02-04-99 CD Info

CD-R List

Added Info/Pictures for Ritek made CD-R's - mostly sold in Asia:
BlindRead 2.03 Update
BlindRead v2.03 [FRA/ENG/GER/ITA/DUT/SPA]
  • Support for wide unreadable blocks (like in l'Amerzone - Block size = 1024)
  • Spanish language support
  • Bugfix for older Win95 releases (< OSR2)

BlindRead is a very usefull tool which is able to copy files from a CD which contain unreadble errors. It  can also copy a complete CD to harddisk, including hidden directories! - Thanks bidouill.

CD Software Releases
Company Product Version
Ahead Nero Burning Rom
Patrick Ohly
Angela Schmidt
MakeCD [Amiga] 3.2b

The MakeCD site also has a Amiga FlashROM utility to update the firmware for Yamaha & Plextor CD-Writers - Thanks Milco Veljanoski.

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