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---  NEWS  --- SEPTEMBER 2000 ---  NEWS  ---
29 September 2000
CD Media Info - New CD-R Media
CreditCard CD-R06 - 52 MB [?] Mix Professional CD-R74 Silver [Doremi]
Verbatim CD-R80 DLP 8x [Mitsubishi] Verbatim CD-R74 Audio [Mitsubishi]
LG/GoldStar MF-PD360 Portable MP3 Player MP3 Players
The LG/GoldStar MF-PD360 only measures 7.5x7.5x1.5cm and only has then most essential buttons on the player itself. All other buttons reside on the remote control which is integrated in the headphone cord. The remote-control also holds the LCD display which can only display eight characters.

As the player is only 15mm thick there was no place for a normal AA battery. Instead a flat rechargeable battery is being used. A separate adapter, which attaches to the player, can be used to hold a normal AA battery.

LG MF-PD360 Specifications:
  • 2 MMC Memory Slots
  • One 32 MB MMC Memory card
  • USB Interface
  • Internal Equalizer
  • Software: MP3 Explorer

[Click to Enlarge]
Diamond Rio 600 Portable MP3 Player MP3 Players
The new Diamond Rio 600 is the successor of the Rio 300 & Rio 500 MP3 Players. This futuristic looking MP3 Player comes with 32 MB onboard flash memory which can hold 1 hour of digital quality audio & 16 hours of spoken word.

The back of the player is can be replaced by a BackPack, which can contain more memory or even a miniature harddrive! There are some problems with the USB connection but they seem to originate
from the mainboard and Diamond is working to have this fixed!

The Rio 600 is currently for sale for about US$ 150.00.

Diamond Rio 600 Specifications:
  • 32 MB Flash memory
  • Supports both MP3 & WMA files
  • USB Interface
  • One AA Battery
  • Software: Rio Audio Manager
  • Removable face-plates

Diamond Rio 600
[Click to Enlarge]
Diamond has also announced their new Rio 800 MP3 Player, but not much is know about this player yet! Only that it will have 64 MB onboard flash memory.
Diamond Rio 800
[Click to Enlarge]

17 September 2000
CD Media Info - New CD-R Media
MMore CDR80 EC DA Metallic [MMM&M] DataRight CD-R74 Pro [Postech]
DataRight CD-RA80 Pro [Postech] DataRight CD-RW74 Pro 4x [Postech]
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDmage 1.00.XVII
DAEMON Tools 2.2
DDump 1.09 Beta 6
SCSI Mechanic 3.0
DAEMON Tools Update
Added DAEMON Tools v2.2 from VeNoM386 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

DAEMON Tools Updates:

  • Up to 4 PHANTOM drives supported.
  • All PHANTOM drives can be disabled.
  • New command line options: -unmount, -safedisc and securom.
  • Setup improved for Windows 2000 - no reboot required!
  • PnP support for Windows2000 - full support for 'Stand By' and 'Hibernation' modes.
  • Some small bugs fixed and enhancements made.
DDump Update
Added DDump v1.09 Beta 6 to the CD/DVD Utilities page.

DDump Updates:

  • New options FULLINDEX, ISRC & UPC to extract all subchannel information from audio CDs
  • Enabled SecuROM support at last!
  • Added switch SPEED, improved engine for speed and fixed a nasty bug in the LaserLock-routine (the rings were one sector too long sometimes)
  • Added F1-scrambler and support for non-MMC drives (will be completed in main release)
  • Improved jitter detection.
Lenoxx MP-786 Portable MP3/CD Player MP3 Players
The Lenoxx MP-786 is a new portable MP3/CD Player which is available since a few weeks. It supports MP3 CDs as well as ordinary audio CDs and is compatible with normal CD, CD-R & CD-RW media. An advantage is that this player also can read mp3 files inside directories and root directories. A high tech 60 seconds ESP (Electronic Shock Protection) system prevents you from music interruptions due to mechanical shocks.

The Lenoxx MP-786 currently retails at US$ 159,- and is available here.

Lenoxx MP-786 Specifications:
  • Playback of Audio CD & MP3 CDs.
  • Compatible with CD-R & CD-RW media (also CD-R80 media).
  • Internal Equalizer (5 modes)
  • 60 second ESP (Electronic Shock Protection)
  • 500 seconds voice recording
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Available in 5 different flashy colors!
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Creative announces CD-RW Blaster 12x10x32x with Burn-Proof(TM) Technology
    Creative Technology Ltd., the leading provider of Personal Digital Entertainment (PDE) Solutions, today announced the CD-RW Blaster« 12-10-32, currently shipping to online and retail outlets in North America at an estimated street price (ESP) of US$299...
  • PowerCD Studio smashes CD-Recording Bandwidth Limitations
    Young Minds of Redlands, California has begun shipping PowerCD Studio, a new version of its controller-based CD-Recording solution that increases data throughput rates by up to 600%!
  • yanks song with illegal DVD-hacking code
    Joseph Wecker's song about a binary computer code wasn't exactly a chart-topper, but he doesn't think should have banned it.
    The site today removed the song, in which Wecker, sounding more than a little like a 1960s sit-in protester, sings a version of the banned computer code known as DeCCS...
  • Smart & Friendly, the CD-Writer vendor which recently went bankrupt, seems to be "alive" again but now under a new name: Malibu Technologies
The Holidays are coming...
The next few weeks we will be on our well deserved holidays, so see you back very soon!
11 September 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CD Bremse 1.08
CloneCD Database Live Update
Dart CD-Recorder 4.018
DVD Region Killer
Feurio! 1.51.5▀
RSJ CD Writer 1.63 [WinNT]
VobDecGUI 2.7B
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Sony Unveils First Ultra Slim Portable CD-RW Drive With Native i.LINK Interface
    Sony is increasing its lead in CD-RW technology by expanding its Spressa(TM) CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) line with the industry's first portable drive featuring a native i.LINK«IEEE1394 (FireWire compatible) interface.
  • Sonic Introduces One-Step Video-to-DVD Production with AutoDVD
    Sonic introduced AutoDVD, the first one-step video-to-DVD production system to incorporate professional-level video encoding. AutoDVD extends Sonic DVD Creator with a simple, "one-step'' interface, streamlined video encoding, and automated DVD-R creation.
  • Philips Unlocks the Potential of Super Audio CD at CEDIA
    Philips announced the introduction of its multichannel Super Audio CD (SACD) player that includes DVD Video functionality, allowing consumers to experience the best sound and vision in their home theater. Philips will target the SACD1000 to a broad audience, and will introduce it at the end of this year. The product prototype was unveiled at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) 2000 Expo in Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Recording Academy Files Amicus Brief in Napster Case
    In support of artists' rights, the Recording Academy has filed an amicus curiae brief asking the 9th U.S. District Court of Appeals to enjoin Napster, the digital file-sharing service that has been accused of copyright infringement by the record industry.
  • Readies To Reactivate Embattled Online Music Service
    Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer of San Diego-based, isn't counting his losses until the last card is dealt.
    He says the company's embattled online music service will soon be reactivated, despite copyright infringement accusations.
  • Judge Hits With Hefty Damages
    U.S. District Judge Jed. S. Rakoff ruled Wednesday that had willfully violated the copyrights of the Universal Music Group and hit the online music company with $25,000 of damages for each CD that was illegally copied.
  • TEAC announces CD-W512E (12x10x32) CD-ReWriter without BURN-Proof
    TEAC announces the shipping of its new 12x10x32 IDE-ATAPI CD-RW drive, an internal desktop PC peripheral used for the writing and rewriting of data and audio files onto CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable media. This drive does not yet have the BURN-Proof technology!

5 September 2000
CD Media Info - New CD-R Media
Mitsui CD-R74 SG UnBranded 12x - L 200 XX Mitsui CD-R74 Golden Dye 8x - L 200 GD
SunStar CD-R74 Silver Silver Pro [Fornet] ViVaStar CD-R74 8x [Doreimi]
The ViVaStar CD-R media as made by Doremi Media, this is the first time we have every seen any of them. The CD-R's are sold as 74 minutes media but they are in fact 80 minutes!
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CloneCD Database
DVD Genie 3.80
MP3 Net-Burner 3.20
Nero Burning Rom
WinOnCD [Power Edition] 3.7.572-2

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